Expansion of Prime Butterfly Area Network in Armenia

6 Jul 2015 Artanish-Shorzha, Armenia, Asia Education | Invertebrates

Gurgen Khanamirian

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6 Sep 2013

Butterfly Species and Habitat Conservation in Selected Region of Armenia

Identification and comprehensive popularization of Prime Butterfly Areas (PBA) in Vayots Dzor, Ararat, and Gegharkunik Provinces.

Polyommatus ninae. Another interesting species which shows declining population trend though.

Polyommatus ninae. Another interesting species which shows declining population trend though.

After testing technology on identification and promotion of Prime Butterfly Areas (PBA) at National Park Arevik, we propose a second project, which aims to expand the network of PBA in Armenia.

1) At first we plan identification of the areas important for the protection of butterflies in vicinity of locations Gnisheek (Vayots Dzor), Ourtsadzor (Ararat) and Artanish-Shorzha (Gegharkounik) as potential PBA, and to analyze their conditions.

2) Then we will go through through procedure of approval of the status of the PBA for selected sites with Butterfly Conservation Europe (BCE).

3) Next we will prepare justification for including the PBAs into list of Emerald Sites, and submit those to the focal point of the Bern Convention in Armenia.

4) Meanwhile, we will work on clarification of status of IUCN red-listed species in the PBA and provide the information to IUCN Species Survival Commission.

In the same time, with an aim of obtaining a support from outskirts’ communities we will make a contribution on development of a kind of wildlife tourism – butterfly watching, mainly focused on PBAs.

a) In particular we will develop routes for butterfly-watching in selected PBA and display them on the site Butterfly Conservation Armenia.

b) Also we will design guides on routes of butterfly-watching in PBA adjacent to protected area.

c) In order to protect habitats from further degradation, we will develop and install road signs, warning about the entrance to the territory of high conservation importance.

d) Then we will conduct trainings to staff of the protected area on tour-guiding at butterfly-watching trails.

e) In order to strengthen popularization of the concept of butterfly-watching, we will conduct a series of activities and excursions with school students to explain the importance of the area and the need of butterfly protection.

f) And finally we will conduct a final seminar with stakeholders to present the results of the project (Ministry of Nature Protection, Focal Point of Bern Convention, Khosrov State Reserve, National Park Sevan, National Park Gnisheek, representatives of environmental NGO, Wildlife tour agencies).

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