Identification of Priority Areas for the Conservation of Endangered Insect Species of Ararat Valley in Armenia

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Gayane Karagyan

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18 Feb 2015

Current State of Endangered Insect Species of Southern Armenia and Elaboration of Measures for their Protection

The project is aimed to:

1) elucidation of current distribution and state of endangered species of insects of Ararat valley (Armenia); and

2) public awareness rising on insects’ conservation in local communities.

The project is aimed mainly to research of the threatened insect species of Ararat valley in Armenia, most vulnerable but traditionally much neglected by conservationists’ society of country and poorly known. Target area - Ararat valley - is characterized by high level and specificity of biodiversity, particularly of insects but its ecosystems are severely endangered and fragmented to isolated islets because of strong urbanization and developed agriculture.

Machimus erivanensis V. Richt. registered in “Goravan Sands” Sanctuary.

Machimus erivanensis V. Richt. registered in “Goravan Sands” Sanctuary.

There are 78 species of insects reported for this territory and included into the Red Book of Armenia recently published (2010); for 24 of them no conservation measures are applied. Besides, several species of high conservation value (e.g. Armenian endemics) are known from the valley but not mentioned in the Red Book due to insufficient information. So, it is quit necessary to collect and generalize data on current distribution and state of endangered insect species which can serve as a scientific background for protection of insect fauna of Ararat valley including further actualization of the country’s Red Book and creating of new protected areas.

Phytodrymadusa armeniaca Ramme registered in “Goravan Sands” Sanctuary.

Phytodrymadusa armeniaca Ramme registered in “Goravan Sands” Sanctuary.

During project implementation it is supposed to carry out field and laboratory surveys of ecosystems of the valley for:

1) finding out and selecting of less destroyed areas for further study;

2) general entomological overlook of them using traditional methodology;

3) revealing of endangered species and determination of their populations’ conditions;

4) assessment of current and potential threats;

5) identification of the sites most important for conservation of insects’ fauna.

All the data will be included into computer database and their analysis will be implemented to elaboration of recommendations (including draft Action Plans) for conservation of insects and their containing ecosystems. Special attention will be paid to public awareness rising of local community’s members, authorities of different levels, nongovernmental organizations and other stakeholders. It will include publication of booklets, calendars and posters elucidating importance of conservation of insects as well as meetings with stakeholders especially from the areas situated near localities of special conservation interest.

The project also contains a component of capacity building, since it will provide an opportunity for students of Armenian scientific and education institutions to get practical knowledge, skills and experience in the field and laboratory research and conservation of insects. Finally, some scientific outcomes, e.g. publications on zoogeography, status and protection of rare and endangered insect species are supposed.

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