Yellow Cardinal (Gubernatix cristata) and other Threatened Grassland Birds Conservation in Uruguay

5 Jan 2012 Lavalleja Province, Uruguay, Central and Latin America Birds

Gabriel Rocha Sagrera

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14 Sep 2006

Threatened Birds Conservation in Grassland Habitat

The Yellow Cardinal is a endangered bird, the most significant threat is cage bird and the afforestation, is necessary research and environmental education for your conservation.

Uruguay’s natural habitats face a varying degree of threats. Unfortunately , during the last two decades, land uses in grassland and thorny wood habitats are switching to intensive-use agriculture with high inputs of pesticides and forestation with exotic tree, which replace original grassland and thorny wood habitats completely and transform the landscape. In these habitats live endangered and vulnerable birds species . This project tries to monitoring the populations and habitat for conservation these species and will make environmental education with local communities.

Yellow cardinal male and female.

Yellow cardinal male and female.

Not only the Yellow Cardinal (Gubernatrix cristata) have conservation problems, also Marsh Sedeaer (Sporophila palustris), Chestnut Seedeater (S. cinnamomea), Saffron-cowled Blackbird (Xanthopsar flavus), Black-and-white Monjita (Xolmis dominicanus) and other grassland birds species. All these birds are threatened species and the habitats where they live have important conservation problems.

This project aims establishment of a regional grasslands birds monitoring programme. The activities will include intensive (habitat and site-specific) and extensive (roadside) censuses carried out at least twice a year, to monitor bird populations and adapt regional conservation strategies to the program’s results. Local bird guides will be trained to carry out these surveys.

Establishment of a Geographical Information System (G.I.S.) by A.C.U.O. We consider of outmost importance the establishment of a G.I.S. to carry out all management, ecotourism and monitoring activities in the region and anywhere else.

Continuation of search for other high-quality habitats fragments in the region and conservation of these fragments, though mechanisms developed in this project. The possibility of will make a signed conservation agreements with local landowners for development area management plan, re-forestation with native tree and specific bird monitoring programme in this area.

Continuation of the establishment of a bird-watching industry in the region, through promotion of the area for bird watching at the national and international level. Also is very important the training of new guides of local communities near to the more important areas for conservation the threatened birds.

With this project we want provide long-term effective conservation of populations of Yellow Cardinal and the other birds grassland species in Lavalleja, Paysandú, Rocha and Cerro Largo (Provinces of Uruguay).

Establishment of a working group and a network of volunteers to promote bird habitat conservation and ensure habitat protection.

To make new brochures and posters with information about the threatened species and habitat for distribution in school, high school, and local communities near to the important birds areas.

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