Conservation and Restoration of Freshwater Oligotrophic Habitat Types in the Area of the Dinaric Alps (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Ermin Mašić

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13 Jun 2018

Conservation of Freshwater Oligotrophic Habitats on Vranica Mountain and Establishment of Long-Term Monitoring of Biodiversity

The Dinaric Alps are a mountain range in southern and south-eastern Europe, separating the continental Balkan Peninsula from the Adriatic Sea. This area is characterized by a high degree of freshwater habitat types. They are under strong anthropogenic influences. The main aim of this project is a continuation of long-term monitoring of these habitat types on Vranica mountain. However, special emphasis will be placed on the restoration of peatlands and further research of the diversity of photoautotrophic organisms in the selected mountain lakes. Results of the project will enhance the conservation of these habitats and the protection of endangered species.

Jezernica, wild river on Vranica mountain in summer season (Mašić, 2019)

Jezernica, wild river on Vranica mountain in summer season (Mašić, 2019)

Five main practical conservation outputs will be derived from this project:

1. Establishment of the first ecological station for biomonitoring of biodiversity and ecological state of freshwater oligotrophic habitat types on Vranica mountain.

2. Restoration of peatland ecosystems on Vranica and Zvijezda mountains (Practical Approach)

3. Assessment of the ecological state of three mountain lakes (Prokoško lake, Boračko lake and Kukavičko lake) using phytoplankton assemblages as bioindicators.

4. Transfer of knowledge and training of young researchers in the field of restoration and conservation ecology (Working with young researchers).

5. Dissemination of knowledge and raising of ecological awareness about the values and importance of oligotrophic freshwater habitats (Publications and promotive materials, social networks, etc).

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2 Feb 2022

Social media video featuring the project.

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