Determination of Population Status and Migration Period of European Eel (Anguilla anguilla L.) in Güllük Lagoon, Turkey

9 May 2023 Milas, Turkey, Asia Fishes

Ergi Bahrioğlu

This project aims to monitor the migration patterns of different life stages of the critically endangered European eel (Anguilla anguilla) in Güllük Lagoon, Muğla, Turkey. DNA barcoding will be done for future work. A workshop will be held to raise awareness among local fishermen about the eel's life cycle and conservation measures.

Study area.

Study area.

To achieve these objectives, we will collect eel specimens from different life stages, including glass eels, yellow eels, and silver eels. We will monitor the migration of elvers and glass eels and the spawning migration of silver eels using various sampling methods. To educate local fishermen, we will conduct small-scale meetings and provide information about the eel's life cycle and conservation measures to promote knowledge-based eel fishing practices.

This project will provide critical information about the European eel's migration patterns and population status and promote knowledge-based eel fishing practices among local fishermen. The findings of this project can inform conservation efforts and contribute to the sustainable management of eel populations.

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