Improving Afromontane Forest Conservation through Increasing Awareness by Forest-Edge Communities of the Ecosystem Services Montane Forest Provide

15 Jun 2022 Ngel Nyaki Forest, Nigeria, Africa Communities | Forests | Plants

Emmanuel Barde Elisha

The project is a community-based Project aiming at promoting an understanding between Nigerian Montane Forest Project and forest edge communities, to work with the communities to plant useful forest species on farms and Fulani compounds. Both achievements will help improving conservation of Afromontane Forest on the Mmabila Plateau through community interaction, sensitization and afforestation.


The activities include interacting with four indigenous ethnic groups (Mambilla, Kaka, Ndola and Fulnani) in order to understand the socio-cultural values and ecosystem services which the Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve provide to the people. Conservation awareness campaign with the indigenous communities surrounding the reserve will emphasize more on the roles of the forest and its services. My team and I will engage the various ethnic groups in farming and cultivation of indigenous tree to reduce pressure on people invading the forest reserve for logging and hunting. This is for people to avoid tampering with the natural ecosystem. Cultivating important indigenous plants will provide a sustainable ecosystem service. The project will also provide the community with space at the forest edge for them to place their hives for bee keeping and promote honey production and local business.

For the most important trees used either for medicine, food and fodder, we will provide them with some of the seedling for them to plant in their farmlands and their households. While for grazers, we will engage and train them to raise pastures of some grasses for their cattle.

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