First Step of Conservation of Endemic Anatolian Fish (Levantine nase): Determination of Potential Threats and Creation of Conservation Framework

30 May 2022 Gölbaşı Lake, Turkey, Asia Biodiversity | Fishes | Habitats

Ece Kiliç

Anthropogenic activities and climate change impact the quality and quantity of inland water resources. Inevitably, freshwater biota drastically harmed from those changes. Species could not cope with the altering conditions are under the threat of extinction. As one of these species, Chondrostoma kinzelbachi (Levantine nase) is an endemic species and classified as endangered for the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species in 2013.


This study was planned to create a protection plan for Anatolian endemic species Levantine nase. For that purpose, we will prepare a preliminary data set regarding ecology and habitat of Levantine nase. This will help us to understand water quality requirements of this species as well as the potential pollution sources in their habitat. In addition, intense face to face meetings with local community, local administrative and local NGO’s will be conducted. Through awareness studies, we will try to increase the recognition of Levantine nase and try to create a public pressure towards the protection of this species.

Results obtained in this study will form a baseline of pollution prevention measures as well as conservation requirements of the species in the region. Therefore, results obtained in the project will help the local administrators to legislate essential precautions.

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