Co-Existence of Wolves and Jackals in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dragana Šnjegota

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3 Aug 2015

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18 Nov 2016

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21 Feb 2018

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The main objective of this project is to understand to what extent wolves are threatened by jackals. This is important because both species are expanding their distribution and consequently overlap in territory. As a result, wolves and jackals are getting closer and hybrids between them have already been detected. The practical outputs of this project, which aim to achieve the main objective are:

Golden jackal recorded via phototrap in Srbac area, next to the Sava river.

Golden jackal recorded via phototrap in Srbac area, next to the Sava river.

1. data collected for the first time on the overlap of wolf and jackal territories throughout BIH using drones

2. information collected via surveys on the presence and activity of wolves and jackals throughout monitored area

3. samples of wolves and jackals collected for genetic (laboratory) analyses

4. information collected from livestock farmers in monitored area on i) their experience with wolves ii) methods used to prove that wolves attacked livestock iii) compensation they received from relevant ministries when wolves caused damage and iv) concrete measures they propose for benefit of wolves and themselves

5. finalized report containing the summarised data of all projects to be shared with all relevant institutions and individuals involved in the preparation of legislation for the conservation of wolves.

The expected conservation outcomes of this project are:

i) detected overlapping of territory of wolves and jackals and established hot-spots of their dispersal based on drone results and using data from interviews with people

ii) detected hybrids through genetic analyses

iii) summarized farmers concerns, requirements and suggestions on measures that benefit both wolves and the farmers

iv) elaborated conservation measures for the long-term persistence of wolves through collaboration with relevant institutions.

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