Mapping the Invasive Alien Plant Species and Establishing Biologer Platform for Biodiversity Data in Montenegro

Bojana Mijović

This project aims to provide systematic mapping of the distribution of invasive alien plant species (IAPS) in Montenegro and to establish the first online database for collecting data on the biodiversity of Montenegro - Biologer.

Invasive alien species (IAS) have negative impact on native species, biodiversity, habitats and ecosystems. Data on the distribution of non-native invasive species is the first step in the process of their control and eradication. Invasive species often enter natural ecosystems and can significantly alter their composition. Through this project, systematic mapping of the distribution of selected invasive alien plant species (IAPS) will be carried out.

Reynoutria spp. in Kolasin. © B. Mijovic.

Reynoutria spp. in Kolasin. © B. Mijovic.

At the same time, a new local Biologer community in Montenegro, the first online public database for collecting data on biodiversity, is going to be launched in the course of the project. The local community in Montenegro will help expanding the Biologer platform, which exists in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. For the first time, this will provide access to open data on the biodiversity of this area. Also, citizens will be encouraged to actively participate in the collecting data on IAS and overall biodiversity. Promotional activities are going to be organised online, using social networks and other media if possible. The experience with Biologer from the neighbouring countries has shown that providing an online database and establishing a community of volunteers could significantly help gathering data on target species.

At the end of the project, a scientific paper is going to be published, while geographic distribution maps will be available through Biologer platform. A final summary of the findings for selected species will be compiled and presented to the online public and relevant institutions.

Header: Ipomaea, © B Mijovic.

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