Coffee and Primate Conservation in Central Java, Indonesia

26 Feb 2013 Petung Kriono, Pekalongan Regency, Central Java, Indonesia, Asia Mammals | Primates

Arif Setiawan

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Conservation of Endangered Primates, Central Java

Our specific aim is to preserve habitat of Javan gibbon in Western part of Dieng Mountain, through research, law enforcement and local community involvement. We will encourage young researchers and conservationist through trainings and field practices; improving law enforcement activities, intensive community development based on coffee farming in Sokokembang village.

BKSDA staff and our team observing gibbon, in Linggoasri.

BKSDA staff and our team observing gibbon, in Linggoasri.

Our objectives are:

1. To improve law enforcement on habitat protection and species conservation; the distribution of endangered primates in central java mainly found in the outside of conservation areas. We will support and joint forestry patrol unit at central java authority as law enforcement intervention for endangered primate species and habitat protection.

2. To raise conservation awareness and to provide scientific information on endangered primates and habitats; availability of scientific information will be significant for conservation policy; however lack of capacity is the main problem. We will have series of training towards local communities (university students, forestry staff, NGO staff- who concern on primates and nature conservation) on primate’s survey method, fundraising, and wildlife photo contest to promote endangered primate conservation in Central Java.

3. To reduce habitat degradation and fragmentation in Western part of Dieng Mountains. Conservation among poor people is complicated situation. Under shaded trees coffee farming actually already implemented in the village of Sokokembang, however we lack of knowledge and marketing strategy to sell our product fairly to farmer.

We already have intensive activities and good communication since 2007 in Sokokembang village; we will continue our activities to support and strengthen local community organization to increase income of the farmer nearby the forest, through training on wildlife friendly coffee farming.

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