Yellow-Breasted Bunting: Population Status, Distribution and Conservation Challenges in Pokhara Lake Cluster, the Youngest Ramsar Site of Nepal

26 Oct 2021 Phewa Lake, Nepal, Indian Sub-continent Birds

Anisha Rana

The project focuses on the globally critically endangered bird species "Yellow-breasted Bunting" which is a winter passage migrant to the study area- the Pokhara Lake Cluster. The Lake Cluster consists of nine Lakes namely Phewa Lake, Begnas Lake, Rupa Lake, Kamalpokhari, Khaste Lake, Guinde Lake, Neureni Lake, Maidi Lake, and Dipang Lake of Pokhara metropolitan city.


There are two major objectives of this project. One is to contribute to the national database by gathering fundamental information on the Bunting's population, distribution, and conservation challenges in the Pokhara Lake Cluster. The other is to raise awareness and motivate local people towards its conservation. The fulfilment of these objectives will generate a database in identifying suitable as well as vulnerable regions for the species that will act further as a guideline for the planning and implementation of long-term conservation interventions at the site level. In addition, the implementation of different conservation programs (teaching program, photo exhibitions, distribution of informative materials, and use of the restriction signboards) will emphasize the conservation importance of Yellow-breasted Bunting while minimizing the prevailing disturbances to the species.

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