Snorkelling to Understand and Preserve Coral Reefs

11 Sep 2003 Alung Banua, Bunaken Island, Indonesia, Asia

Alice Trend

A project designed to introduce school children on Bunaken Island, Indonesia to their coral reef environment

The aim of this project is to raise awareness of coral reef ecosystems in elementary school students in the village of Alung Banua.  Early understanding eventually will lead to protection and preservation of the local reef by the local community. Alung Banua is on Bunaken Island within Bunaken National Marine Park, Indonesia.

Alice currently provides weekly environmental education on the local coastal ecosystems for children ages 10 through 13 at the elementary school.

In-class education is supplemented by field trips to local mangrove and inter-tidal areas. When students snorkel and see for themselves the differences in fish and reef fauna diversity and density among non-existent, unhealthy and healthy coral reefs, they will be able to understand why they need to protect their reefs.

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