Wood Ants as Indicators of Virgin Forests of Spruce and Fir in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Formica rufa group)

Adi Vesnic

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5 Jun 2014

Conservation of the Wood Ants (Formica spp.) in Bosnia-Herzegovina

The main aim of project is conservation of Formica rufa group habitats. In this project we are planning to promote importance of fir and spruce mountain virgin forests as habitats important for wood ants.


The project aims to draw attention to the importance and vulnerability of virgin forests of spruce and fir in Bosnia-Herzegovina. We will also promote importance of conifer forests in mountain region of Bosnia-Herzegovina on the water balance, the climate and the prevention of soil erosion is inestimable. The main goal of the Project is to emphasize the importance of conifer forest as habitat for animals with accent on wood ants and pedofauna of forests.

• Field research will give more results on distribution of wood ants in virgin forests of Bosnia.

• Field data will enable comparison in ant community composition between virgin forests and managed spruce and fir forests.

• Data will allow us to monitor changes in wood ants’ colony altitude in sites that are not under permanent logging. We will also collect data on other cold climate specialist ant species and invertebrates that are important faunistical element like Natura 2000 species or species that are pest in conifer forests.

• Data and pictures from field will allow as creating presentations and educational material.

• Promotional lectures for biology students and elementary school children should raise awareness about the importance of conifer forests.

• Students will be included in field activities and will be encouraged to explore invertebrates.

• In field we will educate students about our ant population and habitat monitoring program.

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