Seasonal Variation in Species Richness and Abundance of Birds Relative to Habitat Characteristics in the Suburbs of Asmara City & Debubawi-Bahri, Eritrea

9 Dec 2021 Asmara City, Eritrea, Africa Birds | Habitats

Russom Teklay Tewelde

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11 Feb 2019

Species Composition, Relative Abundance and Habitat Use of Bird Species in the Suburbs of Asmara City, Central Region-Eritrea

Seasonality has a significant impact on bird species diversity, relative abundance, and range. It affects the food and cover availability of the birds, which in turn bearing on breeding success and, ultimately, the survival of the birds. Species sensitivity to the type of habitat could also alter the species richness and abundance of birds. Most studies in Eritrea focused on the presence or absence of individual bird species in specific locations; or, many of them dealt with distribution over a single season without considering seasonality.

The study area possesses a wide range of habitat, altitude, and climatic variation, which contribute to its great biodiversity. It consists of a national reserved area and four Important Bird Areas, some of which are globally significant (Central plateau, Ghinda, Asmara and Arberobue escarpments). This provides high-quality nesting locations, recharging during long migrations, and survival during non-breeding seasons for the birds. It is also situated on the main African-Eurasian Flyway where birds migrate between their breeding grounds in Europe and wintering sites in Africa.

Despite all the above facts, no major research has been done. None of the studies attempted at seasonal variations in bird species richness, abundance, or spatial distribution in relation to habitat characteristics, topography, or land use. The project will determine the seasonal change in species diversity, abundance, and distribution of birds relative to habitat characteristics. This will figure out how different bird species react to increasing anthropogenic activities. Furthermore, conservation initiatives will be promoted through community-based awareness programs.

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