Conservation of Conifer Tree Species in Hoa Binh – Son La Limestone Corridor

21 Sep 2012 Mai Chau, Vietnam, Asia Forests

Nguyen Duc To Luu

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14 May 2014

Conservation of Endangered Species of Conifers in Xuan Nha Nature Reserve

Conservation status assessment and propagation research for endangered conifer tree species in Hoa Binh and Son La provinces, Vietnam.

Pine propagation.

Pine propagation.

The corridor area Hoa Binh – Sơn La is a highland limestone landscape with subtropical vegetation located in North West of Vietnam. It is a habitat for many flora and fauna species, including threatened conifer species. However, information about biodiversity of the area is still limited and conservation actions for these species are often neglected.

In order to conserve and develop the conifer trees species of the area the project will conduct a series of actions for in-situ and ex-situ conservation in Nature Reserve Hang – Pa Co (Hoa Binh province) and adjacent Moc Chau district (Son La province). Field survey and data collection about the conifer tree species in the area will be implemented. Digital distribution and status map for the species will be compiled. Natural and artificial threats to the conifers in the sites will be assessed in order to understand the conservation status and provide appropriate recommendations for conservation actions.

Specimens of the rare conifers will be collected, processed and used for identification work and for school awareness raising activities. Seed collection and propagation of the conifers will be conducted for improvement of propagation methods and produce planting materials for further ex-situ plantation and awareness raising activities in a community mini-nursery.

Dissemination of the field work results and awareness raising will be implemented through designing a coloured booklet of occurred conifers, publishing website articles and organizing a thematic workshop focusing on conifer conservation issues in the studied area. Combination of field and nursery works, communication activities would bring a real impact on conservation of threatened coniferous species in Vietnam.

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