Distribution Patterns and Conservation Status Assessment of Exclusive Endemic Vascular Plant Taxa in Matrouh Governorate, Egypt

13 Feb 2018 Matrouh Governorate, Egypt, Africa Plants

Mohamed Abdelaal Lotfy Sadek

All localities reported for the endemic vascular plants in Matrouh Governorate (Egypt) will be collected from several literature and databases sources. Then, all known occurrence data will be used for most common species distribution modelling approaches. Therefore, field surveys will be guided by model results in order to discover possible new localities of each taxon. The environmental variables which drive the distribution of these taxa under current and future conditions will be identified. Finally, their conservation status will be assessed according to the guidelines of IUCN protocol.

Pancratium arabicum (fruiting stage). ©Basma El-Metwally

Pancratium arabicum (fruiting stage). ©Basma El-Metwally

Matrouh Governorate hosts five endemic vascular plants which are exclusive of this area. These plant species are Allium mareoticum Bornm. & Gauba, Pancratium arabicum Sickenb., Bellevalia salah-eidii Täckh. & Boulos, Muscari albiflorum (Täckh. & Boulos) Hosni, Anthemis microsperma Boiss. & Kotschy and Sonchus macrocarpus Boulos & C.Jeffrey. Most of these taxa are potentially threatened due to their narrow geographical distribution ranges, habitats specificity, climatic change and human activities. Therefore, there is an urgent need to study them in order to identify their distribution patterns and conservation status.

This project will help us to identify the current and potential distribution patterns of these exclusive taxa, detect the environmental drivers that determine their distribution, recognize the threats for these taxa and implement a strategy to mitigate them and identify the conservation status of these taxa according to the guidelines of IUCN Red List categories and criteria. This project will help us to focus conservation efforts and providing a framework for consciousness, research, protection and policy implementations for these exclusive taxa.

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