Raptor Conservation via Cape Griffon Vulture Telemetry in Namibia, Africa

2 Feb 2002 Namibia, Africa

Maria Diekmann

The team is working with satellite telemetry to try to save the remaining Cape Griffon Vultures.

One of Namibia’s most endangered species, the Cape Griffon vulture experiences continuous population decline because of the indiscriminate use of poisons, habitat destruction and dietary deficiencies.

The only way of preventing the extinction of this species in Namibia is to fit the 11 remaining birds with satellite transponders, enabling tracking of their movements and identifying imminent threats to their health, breeding sites and foraging areas.

This project is designed to benefit many interest groups as data collected by REST (The Rare and Endangered Species Trust) will assist educational efforts targeting farmers, scholars and communities on land management methods, correct use of poisons and the vital role all raptors play in Namibia’s ecosystem.

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