Improving the Conservation and Enhance Knowledge of Endangered Turtles in Xuan Lien Nature Reserve, Vietnam

12 Aug 2020 Xuân Liên Natural Reserve, Vietnam, Asia Reptiles | Turtles

Luong Thi Khanh Linh

The Cuora galbinifrons, Cuora mouhoti, Cuora trifastiata and Platysternon megacephalum are among the most threatened wildlife in Vietnam because of poaching, trafficking, habitat loss. The turtles are among the top protected species in Vietnam, they are listed critically endangered by the IUCN. Xuan Lien Nature Reserve is considered as an important conservation stronghold for these turtles, however, there are not study and conservation effort yet made for this area. Our project therefore will implement a comprehensive study to provide information on the turtle’s population, threats, opportunities to raise awareness, engage local community to protect the turtles in this reserve.

Cuora galbinifrons.

Cuora galbinifrons.

This project goal will provide comprehensive understanding and conservation opportunities on C. galbinifrons, C. mouhoti, C. trifasciata, Platysternon megacephalum and other threatened wildlife which are sharing the same habitat with these species in Xuan Lien and its adjacent areas. Outcomes of this study will extend our knowledge on population status, threats and conservation aspects of targeted turtle species. The findings also help to create a holistic approach and conservation plan to protect the Chelonians population from poaching, trafficking includes having a long-term monitoring and intervention plan to ensure their survival and recovery. Also, our project focuses on raising the awareness of local communities regarding turtle and wildlife conservation to mitigate threats of endangered wildlife, especially turtles in this important reserve.

Header: Platysternon megacephalum.

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