The Research of the Bird Fauna in Potential IBA Areas in the Northern Part of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jovica Sjenicic

The main aim of this project is research of avifauna in potential important bird areas (IBA) near the Bosna River from Doboj to Šamac, swamp Tišina and the Kozara mountain. Besides this one, some other goals are the implementation of protection measures for birds and their habitats and promotion of eco-tourism in these areas.


In the period of last 20 years, there has been almost no data about avifauna of the north Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is recognized as the area rich in habitats important for birds (low land rivers, swamps, low mountains with preserved forests). There is also a lack of ornithologists, as well as the explorers of biodiversity, in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in general. The mechanism of recognizing the IBA has significant importance for the realization of the program NATURA 2000 and practical protection of nature in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Kozara Mountain is not promoted enough when it comes to eco-tourism, while the valley of the Bosna river and swamp Tišina are, due to the construction of the highway and poaching, under huge anthropological pressure. In the valley of the Bosna River, great cormoran (Phalacrocorax carbo) is hunted by the poachers and fishermen, and a few pairs of white storks (Ciconia ciconia), due to the process of urbanization, have less and less space for nesting. On the Kozara Mountain, with sanitary cutting of the woods, old trees which are the source of food for woodpeckers (Piciformes) and the nests for the owls (Strigiformes) are being lost. With this research we would obtain new data concerning avifauna and key factors which endanger it, which would serve as the foundation for the monitoring of key species.


The project also includes drawing attention of the general public and the scientific community as well on the biodiversity of these areas and encouragement of similar research, education of bird watchers on the field, media promotion of the project, raising awareness, visits to schools etc. The special goals are improvement of IBA protection and cooperation with relevant institutions. Practical protection includes installation of bird houses and reconstruction of destroyed habitats by afforestation with indigenous species. One of the goals is promotion of eco-tourism through bird watching and strengthening of the tourism sector.

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