Intra-Species Differences in Flammability of Natural Serbian Spruce Populations

16 Mar 2022 Nacionalni Park Tara, Serbia, Europe Forests | Plants

Jovana Janković

The project's goal is to assess the flammability-related differences between natural populations of Picea omorika.

Picea omorika at site Zmajevački potok. © Srđan Bojović.

Picea omorika at site Zmajevački potok. © Srđan Bojović.

Considering that wildfires have been the main cause of population loss over the last century, we hypothesize that different populations developed different responses to fire based on evolutionary pressures and adaptive abilities. These differences can be empirically estimated by assessing plant material flammability and the variability of plant traits associated with flammability. The population-specific responses to fire identified in this project could support in-situ conservation efforts by allowing better management of P. omorika and predicting how it will respond to changing climate and disturbance regimes.

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