Conserving Bats and Important Habitats in Agricultural Environment in Serbia

7 Aug 2013 Avala, Serbia, Europe Bats | Habitats

Jelena Burazerović

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10 Sep 2015

Bat Conservation and Natura 2000 in Serbia

This project aims to identify suitable habitats and features for bats and develop recommendations for bat conservation for selected areas of Serbia’s agricultural landscapes.

Placing bat detector in the field.

Placing bat detector in the field.

Project “Conserving bats and important habitats in agricultural environment in Serbia” is a research project which main aim is to determine habitat associations and importance of different features for bats in selected agricultural landscapes in Serbia. We will survey different habitat types in relation to activity of bat species and analyse data using digitised geographical data, bat activity data and appropriate statistical methods. In this way, we will be able to determine the relevance of different habitats and features for bats and to develop recommendations for further development of bat conservation measures for selected areas of Serbia’s agricultural landscapes. The project will also raise awareness at local communities on bat conservation and their ecological and economic importance through distribution of promotional material and relevant information using different communication tools. We will work with volunteers and students of the Faculty of Biology in order to motivate them to get involved in bat conservation in Serbia. In order to ensure that more children and young people are informed about bat ecology and conservation, we will in cooperation with the Organisation for Respect and Care of Animals – ORCA educate school teachers about bat importance and conservation, as well as the benefits of wildlife protection in agricultural landscapes. Finally, relevant biodiversity protection authorities will be informed about project results and recommendations for bat conservation in selected agricultural landscapes and possible future actions.

Taking coordinates in the field.

Taking coordinates in the field.

Activities and results of this project will be a good basis for developing knowledge on bats and adequate measures for their protection, as well as protection of other species sharing habitats with them in agricultural environment. Results of this project will contribute to further development of guidelines for wildlife conservation in agricultural landscapes, sustainable agriculture and development of Serbia’s policies regarding these areas.

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