Biodiversity Assessment and Strategic Conservation Planning, for the Riparian Forests of the Spiney Forest Ecoregion of Madagascar

1 Jun 2003 Spiney Forest Ecoregion , Madagascar, Africa Invertebrates | Forests | Biodiversity | Plants

Dr Alison Cameron

This project aims to research, assess and plan for the management of the Spiney Forests of Madagascar

Sweep net training for Lepidoptera in Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve 2002.

Sweep net training for Lepidoptera in Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve 2002.

Madagascar has been called the highest biodiversity priority in the world but there is a shortage of distribution data for mast taxonomic groups, particularly invertebrates. Recent research, biodiversity planning and conservation action have focused on East Coast rainforest areas, while other areas of potentially very high biological interest have largely been ignored.

Alison is participating in a entomological field survey program and has conducted an extensive survey (19 sites) of the butterflies of the south west of Madagascar. She has inventoried two South Western riparian forests and discovered unexpectedly high butterfly species diversity, and many species with poorly documented distributions. As it is her objective to survey an even spread of sites all over Madagascar, she shall return in November to rejoin her team for surveys of the North West of the country.  Most importantly, this project provides her with the opportunity to train a counterpart student, ensuring that the expertise she gains is transferred and retained in Madagascar after the completion of her PhD.

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