Community Based Forest Development for Wood Product Supply and Natural Forest Conservation in Jimma Zone, Ethiopia

2 Nov 2023 Seka Chekorsa, Ethiopia, Africa Forests

Busha Teshome Tolera

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13 Jul 2017

Cluster Analysis of Wood Product Industry for Sustainable Forest Management in Ethiopia

13 Feb 2019

Smallholder Farmers’ Perception in the Forest-Farm Interface Landscape Management for Biodiversity Conservation and Wood Product Supply in Jimma Zone, Ethiopia

Forest resources play a crucial role in maintaining ecosystem services that are the basis for the sustainability of agriculture, energy, and biodiversity conservation. However, the resource is under pressure facing high rates of deforestation and forest degradation in Jimma area in particular and in Ethiopia in general.

Various studies have demonstrated the importance of community forestry is successful in decreasing resource degradation and helpful in the conservation of biodiversity. Thus, this development-oriented research is intended to conduct to enhance the community forest management approach practice for biodiversity conservation and livelihood improvement and greenery enhancement in local scale.

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