HONKO Mangrove Conservation & Education

15 Dec 2009 Ambondrolava, Belalanda, Madagascar, Africa Habitats

Benjamin De Ridder

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29 Apr 2008

HONKO Mangrove Conservation Project in the Bay of Ranobe (Madagascar)

27 Sep 2011

Mangrove Conservation and Restoration through Sustainable Community Development

With the second RSG and through our finished Mangrove Community Center, we will focus on actively demonstrating the advantages of a sustainable managed mangrove ecosystem

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Upon completion of the first phase of our project it was clear that local communities are extremely motivated to manage their resources more sustainable. During the first phase we mainly focused on awareness and the stopping of further degradation. The second phase will focus on actively demonstrating the advantages of a sustainable managed mangrove ecosystem. The completed community mangrove information centre will help us to capacitate the communities in managing and sustainable utilising their resources. The main focus lies on durable community aquaculture and mangrove development and the training of local eco-guides to promote ecotourism within the area.

With the help of the first RFSG we motivated several villages within the commune of Belalanda (12km north of Toliara) to work towards a durable future. Together with government officials, boy scouts and volunteers more than 5000 trees were planted and a community mangrove information centre was constructed to facilitate further activities.

The growing coastal population and the associated increased pressure on the environment has made it clear that the development of more sustainable practices are necessary. In this region of Madagascar more than 80% of the population depend on the sea. This phase will focus and implement the formation of fishermen, collectors and harvesters in ways to minimise their impact and to introduce new ways of natural resource management.

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