Evaluation of the State of the Baía do Inferno’s Biodiversity, Santiago Island with a Special Focus on Four Key Bird Species

21 Oct 2014 Baía do Inferno, Cabo Verde, Africa Birds

Ana Madalena Varela da Veiga

Conduct an assessment of the current state of the site’s biodiversity, with a particular attention on the key bird species; identification of the threats that are endangering and/or can endanger the sustainability of the natural values of the site.


One of the most important seabird colonies from Cape Verde is in the Baía do Inferno site, and despite being recognized as an Important Bird Area (IBA-CV003) it is clear the paucity of detailed and updated information. Thus, the project team will be strongly focused on the description of the state of the site’s biodiversity, with a special attention to the four key bird species (Sula leucogaster, Phaethon aethereus, Calonectris edwardsii and Oceanodroma jabejabe). The project team will also undertake the task and the responsibility to describe in detail the current threats that are menacing key species, and will provide guidance for conservation priorities, to gather information that will allow the establishment of an intervention plan in the near future.

The project team assumes as a basis for the success of environmental conservation and sustainable development, the existence of trust and cordial dialogue with local communities, who live, visit and/or use sites of high natural value. Therefore, it is intended to have an approach and an identification between the stakeholders from the villages of Porto Mosquito and Rincão, and the project team. This dialogue may, in the near future, contribute decisively to the success of the information exchange and awareness that will contribute to mitigate threats to the local biodiversity.

The project team will promote cooperation with other NGOs working in Cape Verde and paying attention to bird ecology, biology and conservation. On the other hand, the project team will initiate contacts with BirdLife International and IUCN authorities to ensure that all the requirements to provide new information to update the international databases will be gradually fulfilled.

Project Updates

4 May 2016

Social media video featuring the project.

Baía do Inferno, ilha de Santiago, Cabo Verde

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