Lilian’s Lovebirds in the Middle Zambezi Valley: Assessing Availability and Habitat Status in Communal Lands of Zimbabwe

26 Apr 2023 Middle Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe, Africa Biodiversity | Birds | Habitats

Abigail Karimanzira

The Lilian’s lovebird (IUCN Near Threatened) is a small parrot restricted in Zimbabwe to the Middle Zambezi Valley. Information and knowledge on the availability and habitat status of Lilian’s lovebirds in unprotected areas of Zimbabwe is limited. Lilian’s lovebirds are strongly associated with Mopane Colophospermum mopane woodlands. In communal lands in the Middle Zambezi Valley, mopane trees are harvested for timber and charcoal.

The project seeks to determine the availability of suitable mopane woodlands outside protected areas. Furthermore, it will address the distribution, threat status, and human interactions of A. lilianae in communal lands within its natural range.

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