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6 Oct 2021

Rufford Project Rediscovers a Skink Last Seen in 1918

Rufford Project Rediscovers a Skink Last Seen in 1918 image

The Extinct or Just Shy project is run by Harith Farooq in Mozambique and focuses on two poorly known skink species (Scolecoseps boulengeri and Proscelotes aenea) that have not been recorded since 1918 - that is, until now. The project recently photographed the first live specimen of Proscelotes aenea seen in over 100 years. The discovery, in Lumbo, northern Mozambique, followed months of survey. Sadly, no Scolecoseps boulengeri have yet been found but Harith is now assessing how healthy the population of Proscelotes aenea is and planning to survey the less urbanised areas of the coastline between Lumbo and Pemba. This will have huge implications for the delineation of the Key Biodiversity Area that, due to this project, can now encompass Lumbo once the species’ conservation status has been assessed.

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