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25 Jan 2021

Panamanian Primates Thank The Rufford Foundation!

Panamanian Primates Thank The Rufford Foundation! image

The Rufford Foundation is delighted to hear that Fundación Pro-Conservación de los Primates Panameños (FCPP) is celebrating 20 years of studying non-human primates in Panama. The foundation has provided seven grants towards projects involving conservation of the Coiba howler monkey Alouatta coibensis coibensis, Azuero howler monkey Alouatta coibensis trabeata, Darien black spider monkey Ateles fusciceps rufiventris, hooded spider monkey Ateles geoffroyi grisescens and Panamanian red spider monkey Ateles geoffroyi panamensis, and a general project on population and distribution of the 13 Panamanian primates. The foundation also supported the first project to tackle conflict between farmers and the white-faced monkey Cebus imitator in Chiriqui province. In 2020, FCPP organised the first Rufford Conference in Panama involving participants from Mesoamerica, held at Colon Island, Bocas del Toro. Now, FCPP has population and distribution information and undertakes environmental educational activities with educational guides and much more. FCPP thanks The Rufford Foundation for making this possible during the past 20 years!