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12 Jul 2023

News from our first Rufford Learning Event!

News from our first Rufford Learning Event! image

Learning Events aim to provide our grantees with valuable learning opportunities, connections, and inspiration to increase the impact of their conservation projects and outcomes.

On the 14th to 17th of April 2023, together with Dr Bruna Becerra, a second booster grantee and Professor at the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco and the Instituto SOS Caatinga, we gathered 18 Rufford grantees in the stunning Caatinga Forest Biome located in Alagoas, Northeast Brazil.

During the event, our grantees connected with other grantees and donors, participated in a thought-provoking discussion panel with local stakeholders, and engaged with our CEO and Grants Officer to learn more about Rufford´s granting schemes. In addition, the grantees undertook two workshops about community-based conservation and communication strategies, which were facilitated by Dr Silvio Marchini and Dr Hugo Fernandes.

Some highlights of the event were the fantastic field trip to the Caatinga Forest which allowed us to immerse ourselves in the local environment, as well as our women in the conservation roundtable, which provided a platform for empowerment and inspiration. And, of course, all the dynamic activities to nurture a sense of community and camaraderie.

We thank the grantees, the local organisers, the facilitators and all the participants involved in making this first event a memorable and impactful experience.

We look forward to the next Learning Events as we seek to facilitate learning, networking, and collaboration within the Rufford community!

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