Mozambique November 2021

4-5 November 2021

Grant Recipients Conference, Mozambique 2021

Covid 19 pandemic magnified the usual disconnection and isolation among the conservationists in Africa. So, the Rufford Mozambique Conference was a two day meeting that gathered 65 RSG Recipients, Applicant Researchers and Decision-Makers, from 14 countries, to connect, share knowledge, discuss issues and create lasting partnerships. It had a theme of “connect for nature conservation” and took place on November 4-5th, 2021 at the Gloria’s Hotel in Maputo, Mozambique.

Though more than sixty (60) regional RSG Recipients applied for and eagerly wanted to attend this conference in person, only twenty (20) people from within Mozambique were enabled to attend in person, due to the Covid 19 spread and social distancing measures. However, by using zoom live streaming technology, more 45 grant recipients from 14 countries could participate. All the 65 online and in-person participants were enabled to know each other, exchange contacts, share experience and knowledge, discuss issues and forge partnerships.


Mozambique Conference Report 2021