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RSG recipients send in regular updates on their work. This list shows the most recent updates we have received.

Kristina Cockle: Project Updates

Read about the latest progress of this project in the report, promotional materials and articles below.

The first paper reports the results of their study on the status and conservation of the Vinaceous Amazon in Argentina and Paraguay. They found that approximately 500 Vinaceous Amazons remain in Argentina and Paraguay, mostly in the rural area from San Pedro to Tobuna in Argentina, and in a few reserves around the Itaipu dam in northeastern Paraguay.

The second paper reports the rediscovery of the Black-capped Piprites in Argentina, after almost 50 years without records. They have just submitted another paper with the first description of the species’ nest.

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January 200722.5 KB
Cotinga 26604.83 KB
Hornero 21 (1) 37-43, 2006314.79 KB
J. Field Ornithol. 78(1)21–39, 2007194 KB
Ornitologia Neotropical 17, 243–258, 2006355.25 KB
Ornitologia Neotropical 18, 127–131, 2007212.36 KB
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