Projects by Year

Projects by year

Godgift Swai


Inhambane Coastal Forest Mosaic", which includes forest patches found on the islands of Zanzibar, Pemba, and Mafia. The coastal forest mosaics stretches from Southern Somalia through Kenya and Tanzania, to Southern Mozambique, and is characterized by tropical dry forests within a mosaic of savannahs, grassland habitats and wetlands areas.
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Gordon Ajonina


The Project will last at least 12 months (field work: 6-8 months; Desk work (planning, data entry, data processing and technical document production (4-6 months).
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Graziela Dotta


Rising demand for food and the emerging extinction crisis are two of the most pressing challenges facing humanity this century. They are also closely linked: agricultural expansion is already the greatest source of threat to biodiversity, underscoring the importance of finding ways to reconcile agricultural production and nature conservation.
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Guozheng Sun


Furvogaster gibbons (Nomascus concolor furvogaster) is one of four subspecies of western black crested gibbon (Nomascus concolor) occurring only in the west of Mekong River with less than 150 individuals; and about 100 inhabit in Yongde Daxueshan National Nature Reserve, according to a survey result in 1997 (Wang et al., 2000).
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Gustavo Danemann


Sierra de San Francisco conforms a biological corridor prioritary for environmental conservation in central Baja California. In order to promote the conservation of the biological and historical features of this region, in 2009 PNO launched a “Tourism for Conservation” project, designed to link low impact tourism, rural community development, and world heritage site conservation.
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Halszka Hrabar

South Africa

Despite the increase in Cape mountain zebra (CMZ) numbers to 2700 individuals at present, the security of the sub-species is still questionable due to a number of threats, which this project aims to address.
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Hani Nusantari


The Year of Biodiversity brings message that biodiversity is essential for human being and it is also important to conserve it. It need whole approach and people need to work collectively to conserve the biodiversity.
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Hanyeh Ghaffari


The Euphrates softshell turtle, Rafetus euphraticus, is one of the least known species of the Trionychidae. This species has been listed as endangered in the “red list of threatened species” by IUCN. It is found only in the Euphrates and Tigris rivers and their tributaries in Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Iraq.
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Harsh Vardhan


Jaipur's Man Sagar lake is about 300 years' old and presents the northern facade to this pink city. It has forest on its three side and the city on fourth side. It presents a great natural asset to the people.
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Heather Arrowood


The chain of lakes to the south of Lambaréné hosts a diversity of Congo Basin forest species. In 2009 the area was designated a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance. The lakes contain populations of typically saltwater fish that have adapted to life in freshwater and islands host nesting colonies of rare birds.
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