Projects by Year

Projects by year

Kashimana Ivo


Climate change and population growth in Nigeria is exerting pressure on its natural systems such as agricultural and forestry systems. This pressure is primarily from deforestation for agricultural expansion, game hunting, fuel gathering and development. Conflicting land use objectives accelerate deforestation, severely change agricultural and forestry systems, and impact food security.
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Kauane Maiara Bordin


Ecosystem conservation aims to maintain fundamental ecological services under the current and predicted global changes. One of the very fundamental ecosystem services of forests is the capacity to store carbon (often measured as above-ground biomass (AGB)).
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Khatia Basilashvili


There is no data for the faunal diversity, especially on the distribution of endangered species within one of the most important wilderness areas, the emerald network candidate site, Egrisi ridge.
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Kier Mitchel Pitogo


Scientific and conservation attention for Philippine amphibians and reptiles is very little, and this has even made difficult by the drought of scientific literature available for this Philippine taxa.
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Koggani Dickson Koggani


Many wild African mammals survive poorly outside protected areas due to several factors like habitat modification, hunting and livestock feeding. So far, competition due to dietary and range overlap, quality and quantity of forage between livestock and wild ungulates has been reported by several authors.
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Kudzanai Dhliwayo


This study aims to understand the status, breeding ecology and threats to White-headed and Lappet-faced Vultures in Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe. I propose to map nest sites, study nesting success, and determine nest site and habitat characteristics of the two species. I will also examine the population structure of White-headed Vultures as age plays a vital role in breeding success.
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Lameck Mkuburo


Human co-existence with elephants present a significant conservation challenge and priority in Tanzania, where they are threatened by poaching and human-elephant conflict crisis. Elephants can have negative impacts on people and livelihoods, especially in communities that share spaces and resources with them.
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Loyapin Bondé

Burkina Faso

In the context of climate change where recurrent droughts and floods have negative effects on agricultural production, rural people in many regions of Burkina Faso are experiencing low yields and significant crop losses.
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Lucas Nicioli Bandeira


Since the effects of climate change on populations of the most diverse species is real, quantifying the magnitude of these effects on species is vital. Particularly, for anurans that are organisms highly vulnerable to environmental changes such impacts can be dramatic leading to the massive extinction of species (many of which are still unknown).
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Lucy Perera-Romero


The Maya Biosphere Reserve is (MBR) located in northern Guatemala covering an area of 2.1 million hectares. My study area comprises areas with well-preserved forest cover but with a gradient of protection underneath it. I will be working in Uaxactun Forest Concession, Mirador-Rio Azul National Park and Dos Lagunas Wildlife preserve.
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