Projects by Year

Projects by year

Weiye Wang


Laohegou Nature Reserve is the first private acquisition of land for biodiversity protection project in China.
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William Carvalho


The Cerrado of Amapá is currently the most threatened complex of Amazonian savannahs, largely due to the rapid and on-going advance of commercial plantations, particularly of soybeans and eucalyptus. Indeed, the area is considered to be the “last frontier” of soy in Brazil.
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Wilson Mugasha


Half of forested land in Tanzania is under Village Land Forest Reserves (VLFRs), which account for large proportion of utilized woods. VLFRs adjacent to the high biodiversity Eastern Arc Mountains (EAM) provide buffer for conservation of biodiversity. However, most VLFRs have no updated sustainable management guidelines. Conversely, unregulated utilization of forests has continued.
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Wiwin Iswandi


Marine debris adverse impacts on marine biodiversity have been reported over the last four decades. Indonesia is the second largest contributor to plastic marine pollution. Across the country’s 17,000 islands there is poor public understanding of the problems created by plastic waste.
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Yedda Christina Bezerra Barbosa de Oliveira


Studies on sea turtle biology have typically focused on the reproduction and post- nesting movements of females, and not until more recently have multi-disciplinary approaches been conducted to investigate the distribution and use of foraging habitats.
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Yelena Gambarova


The evaluation process of conservation education program on Azerbaijani students’ knowledge about rare vegetation, environmental affect and responsible environmental behaviour consists of the following steps: identify purpose of evaluation; select evaluation method; design evaluation tools, collect data; analyze and report results.
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Yi Heng Pang


Gibbons are known to tolerate some disturbance and persist in secondary/degraded forests, though their densities tend to be higher in less-disturbed forests. There are previous and on-going researches of various species of gibbons being done in Thailand and Sumatra, primarily focusing on their diet, behaviour, abundance and distribution with regards to forest types.
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Zhaskairat Nurmukhambetov


Project implementation will optimize the habitat and breeding conditions for Egyptian vulture and cinereous vulture populations at the territory of Usturt State Nature Reserve. To achieve this, 3 supplementary feeding sites will be established at the project area. Supplementary feeding will be carried out twice a month from April till October 2018.
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Zhereeleen Meneses


Orchidaceous species of Samar will be used as flagship for conservation of three forest types: tropical lowland evergreen forest, forest over ultramafic substrate and forest over limestone formation. Permanent monitoring plots will be established and distribution maps of species will be produced.
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