Projects by Year

Projects by year

Zaira Lizbeth Esparza Rodríguez


In Mexico, information on the dimensions of primate trade is currently not well known. So, the knowledge of the insurances that are carried out in the country and the international imports and exports, help us to estimate the dynamics of the traffic and how it has changed in the last ten years.
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Zausa Diorne Marie-Aurore Koko

Ivory Coast

The project will focus on four forest areas in the Sud-Comoé region of south-eastern Côte d'Ivoire: (i) the Ehotilé Islands National Park; (ii) the classified forests of N'ganda N'ganda; (iii) Comoé 1 and (iv) Soumié.
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Zekeng Jules Christian


The conservation of plant diversity has become one of the most important objectives of managing forests in an ecologically sustainable way.
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Zewdu Kifle


Primates in Ethiopia are vulnerable to future decline throughout their ranges due to their proximity of habitats to human settlement and farmland areas. Currently, many primate species in Ethiopia live in suboptimal fragmented habitats of hostile matrices as the result of habitat loss and degradation and are highly vulnerable to risk of local extinction.
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Zinsou Cosme Koudenoukpo


The Pendjari River is the only permanent watercourse in the Pendjari Biosphere Reserve (PBR), often referred to as the Pendjari National Park (PNP), situated in the extreme north-west of Benin and is part of the ramsar site no. 1669.
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