Projects by Year

Projects by year

Sayef Laamiri


Freshwater Bivalves of the Order Unionida, frequently referred as freshwater mussels or naiads, have a broad geographical distribution that includes all continents except Antarctica with more than 800 species described to date.
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Simula Peres Maijo


Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) populations across Africa are dramatically declining (Estrada et al., 2017), mainly due to anthropogenic activities. As chimpanzees prefer areas with low disturbance intensities (Bryson-Morrison et al., 2017), only few studies have investigated how anthropogenic activities influence chimpanzee habitat use. While eastern chimpanzee (P. t.
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Temidayo Adeyanju


In-depth group discussion and structured questionnaires will be used to assess information on perception, knowledge and attitudes of residents towards bat species conservation in selected communities (Imoba, Etemi, Ese-Oke and Baoku). Discussions will be based on the current threats associated with their activities and the currents rate of forest loss.
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