Projects by Year

Projects by year

Héctor Emilio Ramírez Chaves


After reviewing the state of knowledge and distribution of several species of endemic mammals of Colombia, we have identified some taxa of medium size mammals, considered historically as “subspecies”, but totally neglected. Among then, medium-sized rodents (porcupines and agouties) have been facing some problems and have also been largely hunted in Colombia.
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Hem Bahadur Katuwal


Lesser Adjutant (Leptoptilos javanicus) is a globally and nationally threatened farmland bird found in lowland Nepal (elevation < 300 m). Although it is distributed within the south and southeast Asia, it breeds in fewer places within these countries (BirdLife International 2017). There are few studies in Lesser Adjutant in Nepal and also in the south and south-east Asia.
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Hening Triandika Rachman


Rhinagrion tricolor is only Family of Megapodagrionidae known from Java (Krüger 1898; Laidlaw 1924; Lieftinck 1934, 1954). Currently only 17 specimens available from 1937 and 1958. All specimens were collected in Natural History Museum Leiden. There are no records since 1937, that is most likely due to lack of expert sampling on Java (Dow, 2015).
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Hernando Rodríguez Correa

Guatemala,Costa Rica,Honduras

Quercus insignis Martens & Galeotti, 1843 (Fagaceae) is an endangered oak species that despite having a wide geographical distribution, ranging from Mexico to Panama, is locally rare due to its specific environmental and ecological requirements, and the high level of anthropogenic pressures it has had to endure.
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Hicham El Zein


After several years of exploration in the Valleys of Hell (Wadi Jahannam, Akkar and Danniye districts, North Lebanon), it has become obvious that biological surveys had to be carried out to scientifically and accurately evaluate its conservation value of this understudied area. The area is among the richest and the most well preserved in Lebanon.
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Hoang Thi Tuoi


The target species, Huongson Bent-toed Gecko, was recently discovered in 2011. The species was found at night on karst outcrops in Huong Son limestone forest, two adult specimens were collected during a single survey in early 2011. The species is considered to occur at a single location and no additional specimens have been found despite subsequent visits to the type locality (Luu et al. 2011).
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Houssein Abdillahi Rayaleh


The Djibouti Francolin is a vocal bird species endemic to Republic of Djibouti, known from only Forêt du Day (c 15 km2 of high altitude juniper forest - the only viable site for the species’ survival) in Goda Massif (Tadjoura), and the nearby Mabla Mountains (Obock).
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Hudson Christopher Laizer


The Mount Loleza Forest Reserve (MLFR) is among the potential ecological areas in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. The communities around have been benefiting from the diverse of ecosystem services offered by the MLFR in supporting their livelihood. However due to deforestation, agriculture, and other ongoing activities, the resilience of these ecosystem services is at stake.
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Huong Van Bui


The Orchidaceae is probably the richest among all other regional floras in Vietnam. Incompletely studies and the published inventories showed the steadily increasing number of known orchid species, from 411 species in 1934 (Gagnepain & Gauillaumin 1934) to 1184 species in 2015 and approximately estimated the total number about 1400 species in the future (Averyanov et al. 2015).
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Hyppolite Lougbégnon Aignon


Tropical forests cover about 7% of the Earth's surface and contain at least 50% of global diversity but are currently under serious threat due to human activities and climate change which cause species disappearance (Bawa and Dayanandan, 1998).
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