Projects by Year

Projects by year

Alejandro Alberto Schaaf


The Southern Yungas of Argentina are subtropical mountain forests and they are considered as biodiversity hotspots on a global scale. These forests are under constant anthropic threat, especially because of changes in land use caused by the substitution of native forests for forestry plantations.
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Alex Nehemia


Historically, Lake Nyasa and Ruhuhu River have been highly supporting the local communities along their shores line through fishery resources. However, from the 1980s, fish catch has been declining mainly due to overfishing and degradation of the catchments.
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Armand Richard Nzoko Fiemapong


Within invertebrates, the class Diplopoda (millipedes) is a very important, mega-diverse and abundant group, this being especially true for tropical forest biomes. Although extremely important in terms of taxonomic diversity (about 80,000 species expected and ca.
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Arthur de Souza Soares


The Hyptidinae subtribe, Ocimeae tribe and subfamily Nepetoideae (Lamiaceae), has its predominance occurrence in the Neotropical region, with only two species extending its range to Africa (Harley et al. 2004). The first phylogeny of Hyptidinae (Pastore et al. 2011) proved its monophyly but also has shown that the genus Hyptis Jacq. was seriously paraphyletic.
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Ashni Kumar Dhawale


The project aims to understand behavioural shifts, demographic patterns and physiological health of a unique subpopulation of the endangered lion-tailed macaque, as it explores and exploits human habitations and human-food resources. The specific objectives are:
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Daniel Niyonsaba


This assessment will be carried out in Nyungwe National Park in areas formerly occupied by elephants in identified in previous research done on perceptions of local communities about the cause of the extinction of elephants in Nyungwe National Park, also funded by the Rufford Foundation.
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Daniela Alejandra Rátiva Gaona


The Ranchería River is the most important river of La Guajira, Colombia. It is river is endangered because has two big project that affect it negative. El Cerrejón, that is an open pit coal mine that has been operating since 1985 with current extraction area is 69,000 hectares and its daily extraction reaches 108 tons of coal.
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Daphawan Khamcha


Giant Nuthatch (Sitta magna) is a globally endangered species. However, it is poorly known globally and has received little attention, particularly regarding habitat management. Therefore, conducting this project will be an excellent opportunity to engage in conservation work that will likely directly benefit a globally endangered species. This project will focus mainly in Thailand.
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Dereje Yazezew Mammo


It has been agreed that biodiversity is the base for essential environmental services upon which life on Earth depends and improve human well-being. However, human-wildlife conflicts (HWCs) are predicted to increase globally and pose a challenge for conservation managers. HWC occurs in several different contexts and spans a range of animal taxonomic groups and countries.
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Diego Armijos Ojeda


The project studies the factors that influence the amphibian community composition in the Pacific Seasonally Dry Forests from Ecuador. This type of habitat is currently one of the most endangered worldwide, and a particularly challenging environment for amphibians living here.
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