Nominations for WCN Scholarship Program

Fri, 11/10/2019 - 06:36

Dear Nominators:

We are now welcoming nominations for the 2020 Wildlife Conservation Network Scholarship Program ( ). Rufford 2nd Booster and Completion Grant recipients are eligible to act as nominators and submit candidates for consideration.

This year, we have moved to an online application process – the link to the first stage (nomination stage) form is at the bottom of this email. Please bear with us as this is our first year using this new system – if you encounter any technical issues, please contact us so we can help (email:

Please share this with your team members as you see fit so that they are aware of this opportunity. We will be offering the Veterinary-Track scholarship for the second time this year.

The nomination guidelines are included in this email and on the nomination form. Due to the high volume of applicants in recent years, we are allowing only one nomination per nominator this year. The nomination deadline is Friday November 15th 2019.

Please note that all nominees must be focused on protecting terrestrial mammal(s), avian species, or marine wildlife. They need to be focused on one or more specific wildlife species, not a pure landscape approach.

Also please note that there must be a close mentoring relationship between the nominator and the nominee. We have a very high success rate of scholarship recipients continuing their careers in wildlife conservation, and we attribute this largely to the long-term guidance and support that scholarship recipients receive from their nominators.

Thank you very much in advance for your nominations. We are grateful to you for identifying exceptionally talented young conservationists and appreciate your dedication to helping them be successful.

Please read guidelines in their entirety before beginning to fill out the nomination form.
Link to the nomination form is below.


• This form is best filled out on a desktop or laptop rather than a mobile device
• Save your work! At the top and bottom of the page, you can click to “Save and resume later” – this will allow you to set up a login that you can use to access the saved version. Unsaved work may be lost.
• The form includes four short answer questions for the nominator and two short answer questions for the nominee. If you each need to access the form separately, please create a login by clicking “Save and resume later” (top and bottom of the form) – then set up a login/password that you both have access to.
• Please note that the system will ask you to create a new login every time you save your work (sorry!) – we recommend using the same username and password each time you save to avoid confusion.
• If multiple people have access to the nomination form, please ensure the other person is logged out before you begin working on it – changes may be over written if both people are logged in to the form at once.
• One nomination per nominator (this is different from past years).
• Once your form has been submitted, the nominator will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive confirmation, please reach out to
• Top candidates will be invited to submit full applications by mid-January 2020. Candidate applications will be due in February, and WCN will send out scholarship offers by mid-March, 2020.
• The scholarship is open to candidates already enrolled in, applying to, or planning to apply to academic or applied training programs. We are seeking candidates with outstanding dedication and skills who will be empowered by this scholarship to make a difference in wildlife conservation in their own countries.
• Candidates must possess at minimum a Bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible for a WCN Scholarship

To access the nomination form for the Wildlife Conservation Network Scholarship (