Prakash Bhandari

Sustainable Utilisation based Conservation of NTFPs through Community Institutions in Chamba District, Himachal Pradesh, India

Valerian jatamansi reaching harvesting stage in Pugthala village.

Meeting in Manjani village of Jungra Panchayat.

Traditional log bee hives still used in villages in Chamba.

ChambaIndiaForests, Indian Sub-continent, Plants30 Sep 2011

This project a continuation of the initiative with the same title undertaken earlier with RSG support. As a part of the earlier initiative, 7 forest user groups (FUGs) were mobilised to formulate plans and institutional mechanisms for propagation and protection of NTFPs in nearby forests. For additional details please refer to the weblink:

Since the project faced problems in securing funds for physical activities under government schemes like Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS, the current initiative will attempt to have the FUGs recognised under “Himachal Pradesh Participatory Forest Management Rules (HPPPFM), 2001”, a legal framework followed by the State Forest Department to involve communities in management and protection of forests.

The focus of management and propagation will be on three species i.e. Valeriana wallichii, Aconitum heterophyllum and Picrorhiza kurroa, which will provide an opportunity to the FUGs to work in varied micro climatic conditions. We shall also consolidate the work undertaken by federating FUGs at suitable level and make necessary changes in forest management plan in accordance with the HPPFM rules.

Through this project we hope to achieve the following in the next one year:

    1. Build awareness, consensus and capacity of community members and especially ensure the participation of women and marginalised sections in the process of setting up of 5 new FUGs.
    2. Facilitate the formulation of NTFP management plans for these 5 FUGs and to collaborate with Forest Department to implement these plans.
    3. Initiate the process of federating all 12 FUGs (5 new and 7 old) at suitable level, facilitate their registration under HPPFM Rules and assist them in developing institutional mechanisms.

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