Giovanni Alberto Chaves Portilla

Conservation of Critically Endangered Amphibians: Atelopus farci and Bolitoglossa capitana from Colombia

Laguna de Pedropalo. This zone is very important for the threated amphibians. Chaves-Portilla G. & Cortes-Herrera O. 2006.

Ranita Nueva.

Specimen of the Pandi mushroom-tongue salamander (Bolitoglossa pandi).

Negro River
Amphibians, Central and Latin America, Habitat7 Dec 2006

The Salamander of Alban (Bolitoglossa capitana) and the Harlequin frog of Alban (Atelopus farci) are critically endangered species, endemic to forest of the Bogotá and the Negro river (Colombia).

Although extremely poorly known, their current distributions are likely to be highly restricted and their remaining forest habitat is under intense anthropogenic pressure, in order to develop and urgently needed and effective conservation strategy for these two species.

The principal aim of this project is to obtain basic but crucially important data on the Critically Endangered, Bolitoglossa capitana (CR) and Atelopus farci (CR), within the Province of Tequendama basin in Cundinamarca department, Colombia, in order to determine their current status and resource requirements and to develop a comprehensive management strategy to facilitate their long term conservation. Other objective is promoting conservation activities with local human communities.

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