Francisco Javier Cortes Herrera

Conservation of Black Inca Hummingbird and Apolinar’s Wrens and Turquoise Dacnis-Tanager in Tena

Black Inca Hummingbird ( Coeligena prunellei).

Astrid birding in Tena.

Fragmentation in Tena.

CundinamarcaColombiaBirds, Central and Latin America12 Jul 2007

Students - joint project of Colombian conservationists - aimed at monitoring and conservation actions for threatened birds and Important Bird Areas in Tena region. The goal of the project is to optimise protection and land use at key sites in Eastern Cordillera of Colombia region of Tena and San Antonio del Tequendama for Black Inca hummingbird ( Coeligena prunellei), Apolinar’s wrens ( Cistothorus apolinari) and Turquoise dacnis-tanager ( Dacnis hartlaubi). Both fast industry development and intensive agricultural land use create strong negative impact on sustainable existing of birds in ecosystems. Areas of important habitats is decreased, birds number is reduced from year to year. In the current situation correct ecological education of future environmentalist is one of the key problems.

The overall project activity implies stepwise realisation of educational and conservation action components accompanied by scientific research. Major efforts will be focused on training of representatives of local communities in monitoring and conservation techniques.

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Final Report

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