Edward Mwamuye

Community Based Sea Turtle and Mangrove Conservation

Mangrove planting.

Intern releasing a turtle.

Malindi National Marine Park and ReserveKenyaAfrica, Mangroves, Marine, Turtles8 Feb 2011

Despite Kenya being a signatory to international treaties on the conservation of sea turtles andhaving national laws protecting marine turtles since 1977, marine turtles are still being extensively exploited throughout Kenya for their eggs, meat and oil (and in some cases for their shell), which along with habitat destruction are key factors contributing to declining turtle populations and the endangered status of sea turtles in Kenya. Destruction of mangroves by the community and deliberate hunting of sea turtles in the entire Coastal area still occurs today but only by some free-diving collectors and speargun fishermen.

The key to the future survival of the marine environment is education and awareness of local coastal people of the importance of conservation to a healthy marine environment and the maintenance of future livelihoods. It is the coastal people that have daily interactions with, and impacts on, this resource and therefore fundamental to the success of any conservation efforts.

The project seeks to continue educating children,and the fishing community to deter them from slaughtering sea turtles and destroying mangroves as has been done historically, impressing upon them the significant role of the sea turtle within the marine ecosystem.

The rationale behind this project is that, by working together, people will able to achieve more than individuals or organizations working on their own, and involving those affected is likely to result in a better and more acceptable long-term solution. These desired outcomes will thus led to increased acknowledgement of participatory activities as a means of achieving environmental and sustainability goals.

The main objective of this project is to enhance the conservation of sea turtles and the marine environment, by raising public awareness to the general threats to the marine environment, and to foster a worldwide understanding and concern for our threatened marine environment and its fragile ecosystems, and promote sustainable utilization of marine resources through enhanced community involvement in marine resources conservation and information gathering and synthesis.

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Project Update: April 2011

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Final Report

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Booster Grant Awarded

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