Diego Fernando Higuera Diaz

Ecology and Conservation of Tropical Canopy in the Columbian Andean Mountains (Canopy Birds, Plants and Insects)

Colombian Andean MountainsColombiaCentral and Latin America, Forests1 Mar 2004

The canopy is one of the last biological limits which house an extraordinary diversity of animals and vegetal species. This work will be done in mountain forest fragments, which are located in Colombian Andes.

The importance of this research is that these fragments are unique in Colombian ecosystems and this research will be the first in ecology and biology of vascular epiphytes, birds and insects. The canopy samples of vascular epiphytes, birds and insects are going to be taken using the simple rope technique, which consists in tree ascending with a previously locked rope. We are going to collect information like species and their common names, richness and abundance.

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Project Update: January 2013

A new article that I would like to share with you as it is the result of the other articles I have published and financed by you, The article is called Social preferences towards cloud ecosystem services provided by forests in the neotropics: Implications for Conservation Strategies
http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10113-012-0379-1 and funded by you the items available on

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