Arif Setiawan

Conservation and Ecology of Javan Fuscous Leaf Monkey, in Mount Slamet, Central Java, Indonesia

Planting trees at Kedungbateng.

In the field.

Mount slamet.

Oak-old forest.

Mount Slamet, Central JavaIndonesiaAsia, Forests, Mammals18 Dec 2007

Research activities

Field activities started October 26,2007, which has objectives to resurvey previous sites in Mt. Slamet and settle on new location in southeastern slope of Mt.Slamet. A campsite as research station has been established in the slope of Mt.Slamet, there are Cipendog, Gomblang and Gunung Malang ,and an exisitng trail used to survey the monkeys. During five days survey (26-30 oct,2007) six groups of P.fredericae were found. A group in Cipendog site , five groups in Gomblang. No group of monkeys were found in Gunung Malang site. Calling activities noted primates in Mt.Slamet not only for P.fredericae but also recorded other primates such as Javan gibbon (Hylobates moloch) and ebony leaf monkey (Trachipitecus auratus). New locations that will be surveyed are described in the map of Mt Slamet.

Conservation activities

In the first week survey (26-30 Oct, 2007), we have another team who work for raising conservation awareness activities we called “conservation road show”. This team was surveyed nearest junior high school (SMP) to the mount Slamet for road show of conservation about Mt.Slamet primates, biodiversity and ecosystem function of Mountain forest. There are three selected schools within different districts for conservation road show that will be implemented at November 23-25, 2007, i.e SMP 2 Cilongok at southwestern slope, SMP 2 Kedung Banteng at southern slope and SMP 2 Karangreja, located at Eastern slope of Mt.Slamet. We already have preliminary talk to school board that we will conduct conservation education to their students.

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