Liza Veiga

Ecology and Conservation of the Critically Endangered Ka'apor Capuchin Monkey (Cebus kaapori) in the Brazilian Amazon

The ka’apor capuchin (Cebus kaapori) ranks among the most endangered primates in Brazil. The goal of this project is to study the ecology, behaviour and distribution of this species, increase awareness of its conservation status and establish a small reserve at the eastern edge of its distribution.

Marcel Quinten

Population and Habitat Viability Analysis for the Pig-Tailed Langur (Simias concolor) in the Mentawai Archipelago, W. Sumatra, Indonesia

The project aims to provide detailed information on size and location of the remaining primate habitat on Siberut Island, data on density and abundance of the island’s primate population and an estimate of species population viability in the future.

Angela Maldonado

Locally Based Monitoring of Wildlife Utilisation at the Colombian-Peruvian Border: Enforcing International Wildlife Trade Regulations

This project aims to assess the conservation status of overharvested species in the Amazonian frontier between Colombia and Peru. We aim to tackle the illegal trade of night monkeys for biomedical research, throughout the implementation of locally-based management initiatives.

Joseph Shijo

Conservation of Isolated Populations of Lion-Tailed Macaque in Anamalai Hills of Western Ghats, India

The project aims to interlink the isolated populations of Lion-tailed macaque living in the forest fragments in Anamalai hills by identifying the potential wildlife corridors between the forest fragments and adjacent protected area. A matrix of variables from ecology, economics, sociology and politics will be considered while delineating the corridors.

Iregi Mwenja

Conservation of the Endangered Colobus Guereza ssp. Percivali and the Newly Discovered de Brazza’s Monkey Population through Awareness Rising and Communication of Research Findings in Samburu

After three years of groundbreaking studies in rare primates in Samburu forests, it is now time to communicate the findings to the local community and raise awareness on the threats these species are facing with the aim of reducing poaching of the Endangered Mt Uarges guereza and enhancing protection of the newly discovered de Brazza’s monkey population.

Dilip Chetry

Conservation Status of Primates in Mouling National Park in the State of Arunachal Pradesh, India

The project aims to study the diversity and status of primate species in the park. Identification of threats and sharing of information with scientific community and policy makers are the other aims.

Nguyen Manh Ha

Enhancing the Conservation of Yellow-Cheeked Crested Gibbon (Nomascus gabriellae) in Vinh Cuu Nature Reserve, Vietnam

This project is intending to raising conservation capacity to support a long-term conservation of gibbon through enhancing gibbon research and conservation in the Vinh Cuu Nature Reserve

Peter Lukwiya

Sustainable Community Conservation of Endangered L’Hoest Monkey Primates in Palabek-Kal Forest Reserve in Kitgum District, Uganda

The project aimed at strengthening community conservation measures to promote the sustainable conservation of l’hoest monkeys and other forest ecosystems in Palabek-Kal forestlands.

Arif Setiawan

Conservation of Endangered Primates, Central Java

We have aim to conserve Javan gibbon (Hylobates moloch) and Javan grizzled surili (Presbytis fredericae) in the remaining forested habitat, through study on primates seed dispersal and building conservation capacity toward local people in Sokakembang village of Central Java, Indonesia.

Olawole Serge Oke

The Vulnerable White–Thighed Black and White Colobus (Colobus vellerosus): Re-Assessment for its Conservation Status and Factors Threaten its Population in Benin

This study will fill up the lacks of data on Colobus vellerosus actual population and update factors of threats and contribute to the reassessment of its status, in Benin.