Nguyen Manh Ha

Enhancing the Conservation of Yellow-Cheeked Crested Gibbon (Nomascus gabriellae) in Vinh Cuu Nature Reserve, Vietnam

This project is intending to raising conservation capacity to support a long-term conservation of gibbon through enhancing gibbon research and conservation in the Vinh Cuu Nature Reserve

Peter Lukwiya

Sustainable Community Conservation of Endangered L’Hoest Monkey Primates in Palabek-Kal Forest Reserve in Kitgum District, Uganda

The project aimed at strengthening community conservation measures to promote the sustainable conservation of l’hoest monkeys and other forest ecosystems in Palabek-Kal forestlands.

Arif Setiawan

Conservation of Endangered Primates, Central Java

We have aim to conserve Javan gibbon (Hylobates moloch) and Javan grizzled surili (Presbytis fredericae) in the remaining forested habitat, through study on primates seed dispersal and building conservation capacity toward local people in Sokakembang village of Central Java, Indonesia.

Olawole Serge Oke

The Vulnerable White–Thighed Black and White Colobus (Colobus vellerosus): Re-Assessment for its Conservation Status and Factors Threaten its Population in Benin

This study will fill up the lacks of data on Colobus vellerosus actual population and update factors of threats and contribute to the reassessment of its status, in Benin.

Rekha Medhi

Book on Golden Langur as a Tool for its Conservation in the State of Assam, India

The primary aim of this project is to introduce Golden langur to a larger section of people beyond scientific community and to carry the message of conservation of this endangered species by bringing about two popular books, one each in English and Assamese language respectively.

Stanislaus Mulu Kivai

Are the Endemic and Endangered Tana River Primates Culprits of Crop Raiding? Evaluating Human – Nonhuman Primate Conflict Status Around Tana River Primate Reserve, in Kenya

The study aims at mapping the human-nonhuman primate conflict hotspots, determine if the endemic and endangered Tana River primates are involved in the conflict and to explore the deterrent methods used to prevent crop raiding and livestock predation by primates and test their efficacy and suitability around Tana River Primate Reserve while sensitizing and building capacity of the local community.

Ganga Ram Regmi

Community Outreach and Conservation Education Programme for the Conservation of Assamese Macaques in Langtang National Park, Nepal

The aims of this project are to involving local people in the conservation of the Assamese macaque in Langtang National Park for building consensus and generating site-specific conservation assessments for its management planning.

Dorice Lutatenekwa

Conservation of Primates in North Pare

This project aims at promoting conservation of primates in North Pare Mountains, through management of conflict between primates and farmers.

Philbert Nyinondi

Human-Monkeys Conflict Management and Conservation in Mt. Uluguru

The aim of this project first phase is to develop a monkeys management techniques to reduce human-monkeys conflict on the farm-forests crossing point, and improve animal welfare through encouraging use of ecological integrated pest mitigation techniques instead of lethal ones that are commonly used presently.

Peter Lukwiya

Sustainable Community Conservation of Palabek-Kal Forest Reserve in Kitgum District, Northern Uganda

The aim of this project is to promote community participation in the sustainable conservation of Palabek-Kal forest reserve and to evaluate the economic and environmental prospects for the forest reserve.