Dorice Lutatenekwa

Conservation of Primates in North Pare

This project aims at promoting conservation of primates in North Pare Mountains, through management of conflict between primates and farmers.

Philbert Nyinondi

Human-Monkeys Conflict Management and Conservation in Mt. Uluguru

The aim of this project first phase is to develop a monkeys management techniques to reduce human-monkeys conflict on the farm-forests crossing point, and improve animal welfare through encouraging use of ecological integrated pest mitigation techniques instead of lethal ones that are commonly used presently.

Peter Lukwiya

Sustainable Community Conservation of Palabek-Kal Forest Reserve in Kitgum District, Northern Uganda

The aim of this project is to promote community participation in the sustainable conservation of Palabek-Kal forest reserve and to evaluate the economic and environmental prospects for the forest reserve.

Lilly Ajarova

Chimpanzee Conservation Education and Community Empowerment Activities (CCECEA) in Hoima District, Uganda

To empower and motivate the local communities to protect and conserve chimpanzees for the benefits of the local and global community.

Iregi Mwenja

The Distribution and Conservation Status of the Endangered Mt Uarges Guereza and the de Brazza’s and Sykes’ Monkey in Mathews Range, Leroghi and Ndoto Forests of Samburu

This project aims to protect this globally important area and its primates, not only by active field work studies and monitoring but also through introducing community based conservation initiatives, strengthening forest reserve management in the areas, and building the capacity of relevant stakeholders to manage the local ecosystems.

Carolina Ramírez

Feeding Ecology of Black and Gold Howler, Alouatta caraya in Fragmented Forests of Northeast Argentina

Analyze variations in the feeding behavior, home range and group cohesion of three groups of Alouatta caraya with respect to the spatial distribution and the size of the fragments that the groups occupy.

Martin Etone

Tackling the Bushmeat Crisis through Wildlife Conservation Education

This project is aimed at raising local awareness on the impact of unsustainable hunting and trading in bushmeat on both people and wild animals, especially endangered species already facing extinction.

Milena Salgado-Lynn

Conservation of Adaptive Genetic Diversity in Primates of the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary

Assess the level of adaptive genetic variation of three primate species (orang-utan, proboscis monkeys and long-tailed macaques) within the LKWS and correlate it with specific environmental pressures such as their endoparasitic fauna.

Andres Link

Effects of Deforestation on the Behavioural Ecology of the Critically Endangered Brown Spider Monkeys (Ateles hybridus) and the Primate Community at Serranía de Las Quinchas, Colombia

This project aims to evaluate the ecological responses of the critically endangered brown spider monkeys (Ateles hybridus) to deforestation and habitat loss at Serrania de Las Quinchas, in Colombia.

Yahkat Barshep

Primates of the Amurum Reserve: Their Conservation Status

A survey of the primates within the Amurum Reserve will be conducted.