Bruna Bezerra

Social Ecology of Wild Golden Backed-Uacari in National Park of Jaú (PNJ), Amazônia, Brazil. A Contribution to the Management Plan of the PNJ

The vocal repertoire of wild golden-backed uacari, Cacajao melanocephalus ouakary, will be ascertained and related to their behaviour in order to gain a greater understanding of their social ecology.

Philbert Nyinondi

Human-Monkeys Conflict Management and Conservation in Mt. Uluguru

The aim of this project first phase is to develop a monkeys management techniques to reduce human-monkeys conflict on the farm-forests crossing point, and improve animal welfare through encouraging use of ecological integrated pest mitigation techniques instead of lethal ones that are commonly used presently.

Jayanta Das

Strengthening the Hoolock Gibbon Conservation Program in Newly Declared Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam

An appraisal of conservation intervention through community education and extensions.

Tharcisse Ukizintambara

Edge Effects on Ranging and Foraging Behaviour of L’Hoest's Monkey (Cercopithecus Lhoesti) in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda

In this project I analyze habitat characteristics, evaluate food availability and threats in relation to forest edge proximity and determine differences in behavior between the edge and the interior groups.

Ingrid Holzmann

Comparative Study of the Behavioral Ecology of Alouatta guariba Clamitans in Two Protected Areas with Different History of Land Use in the Atlantic Forest of Misiones, Argentina

The project’s aims are to estimate the density of A. guariba in Misiones and to conduct the first long term comparative study of the behavioral ecology of this species in Argentina.

Lynne R. Baker, PhD

The Nigerian Guenon in Southern Nigeria: Outlook Good or Just Hanging On?

This project will investigate the response of the Nigerian monkey population to threats from hunting and human disturbance.

Nguyen Vinh Thanh

Behavior and Ecology of Delacour’s Langur in Van Long Nature Reserve, Vietnam

This project will study the ecology and behaviour of the most endangered primates in the world, and communicate to local people the importance of its conservation.

Indra Yustian

Population Density and the Conservation status of Belitung’s Tarsier in Belitung Island, Indonesia

This project will study the population density and home range size of the rare nocturnal primate Tarsius bancanus saltator and identify critical resources for tarsiers' survival and adaptation in Belitung Island.

Mark Bowler

Ecology and Conservation of the Red Uakari Monkey in the Yavari Valley of Peru

This is the first year-round study to investigate the ecology and human impact on red uakari monkeys

Jef Dupain

Integrated Conservation and Development Project in Dja Faunal Reserve, Cameroon

A project to develop a plan for sustainable hunting in an area critical to great apes in Cameroon.