Sapna Jayaraman

Bridging the Gap between Fisheries Regulations and Implementation in Gujarat

There are two aims to this project: a) Creating a database of fish breeding cycles to identify most vulnerable seasons for fish populations and b) Identifying causes of poor implementation using interview surveys and providing solutions to enable better management of fish populations in Gujarat through outreach programmes.

Ashoka Deegoda Gamage

The Enigmatic Crop Raiders of Udawalawe: A First Step Towards Mitigating Human Elephant Conflict (HEC) in Sri Lanka

To identify elephants that involve in Human elephant conflict, their social associations and demography in the bordering villages of the Udawalawe national park and asses the human dimension of the HEC to suggest scientifically based sustainable solutions to mitigate human elephant conflict in the area.

Nabin Baral

Examining the Resilience of the Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal

The project aims to examine how the Annapurna Conservation Area (ACA) is adapting to rapid changes in Nepal. Building upon the previous research projects, the data will be collected and analyzed within a comparative study framework to detect changes over time.

Abdul Wakid

Securing the Future of Gangetic Dolphin in Brahmaputra River System (India) through Local Community Engagement and Empowerment

This project will work closely with the local communities residing in and around 30 prioritized dolphin habitats of Brahmaputra river system. This project will enhance the awareness level, develop capacity and engage these communities in dolphin and river ecosystem conservation of their localities.

Alehegn Shiferaw

Enhancing the Awareness and Participation of Local Communities for Sustainable Conservation of the Swayne’s Hartebeest (Alceluphus buselaphus Swaynei)

This project is aimed to enhance community’s’ awareness and design their participation for sustainable nature conservation.

Kamal Kandel

Educating and Empowering Local Communities for Cheer Pheasant (Catreus wallichii) Conservation in Western Nepal

We seek to establish a credible long term community based cheer pheasant monitoring program, directly involving local communities in monitoring and decision making.

Divya Karnad

Finding Spaces for Co-Existence: Marine Fisheries Livelihoods and Threatened Species in India

This project aims to understand community based fisheries management and encourage the conservation of threatened, and commercially important marine species in coastal Maharashtra.

Chi Phan

Participatory Wetland Conservation in Yok Don National Park, Vietnam

This project will assess the potential for developing an adaptive co-management strategy for managing Yok Don National Park that can assist in resolving this conflict. Social-ecological systems models of park values, resource use and management will be jointly developed with local people and park managers to enhance shared understanding of the wetland system.

Jason O’Bryhim

Combining Genetic and Sociological Techniques to Evaluate the Status of Shark Populations in Costa Rica

My research goal is to determine the species-specific impacts fisheries have on shark populations and to work with local communities to develop effective protective legislation.

Eric Djomo Nana

Selection Pressure on Avian Life History Traits along an Altitudinal Gradient in Sub-Saharan African

In this project, our goal is to determine the selection pressure on avian life history traits by updating the conservation status of species and increase community awareness and commitment on the conservation of montane birds.