Camille Coudrat

Towards a Long-Term Conservation Education in Nakai-Nam Theun National Protected Area, Laos (Phase 2)

Inform and engage the local community in ecosystem protection in Nakai-Nam Theun National Protected Area, Laos with the development of a conservation education program, with children as our target audience, implemented at two target villages

Angela Maldonado

The Aotus Project: Enhancing Environmental Law Enforcement and Conservation Awareness at the Colombian-Peruvian Border Using the Night Monkeys as Flagship Species

To improve law enforcement to curb the trade in wildlife using the night monkeys as flagship species, through community-based research and the improvement of living standards for local people.

Nadine Ruppert

Spatial and Temporal Use of Oil Palm Plantations by Wild Macaca Nemestrina and its Implication for Mitigating Human-Wildlife Conflicts

This project is aimed at studying the impact of wild pig-tailed macaques on the monthly oil palm harvest and at raising awareness amongst farmers to avoid human-wildlife conflicts.

Uttam Babu Shrestha

Tragedy to Triumph: Understanding the Role of Community Institutions for Sustainable Management of Chinese Caterpillar Fungus

This research aims to understand the role of community-based institutions for sustainable management of Chinese Caterpillar fungus, a common pool resource using the social-ecological system (SES) framework

Jose Gomez Penate

Conservation of Sea Turtles of Ivory Coast

The goal of the project is replicate the sea turtles conservation activities already done in Mani beach to the nearby beaches involving the local communities in the conservation of the sea turtle populations and contributing to their wellbeing through development projects.

Iravatee Majgaonkar

A Study of Wolf Distribution and their Interactions with Shepherds in an Agro Pastoral Landscape in Western Maharashtra

The Indian wolf Canis lupus pallipes is a protected species whose wide home ranges often overlap with human use landscapes. In this study we will be ( i ) using information from local pastoralists and the forest department to assess distribution of wolves in 5 districts of western Maharashtra. ( ii ) assessing how pastoral communities respond to the presence of wolves in terms of attitudes, traditional methods of protecting livestock, and losses to predators in comparison to other reasons. The results of this study will direct us to recommend approaches to wolf conservation in these landscapes.

Cecilia Simon

Participatory Monitoring of Ecosystem Service Trade-offs in a Community Managed Forest: the Case of San Juan Lachao in Oaxaca, Mexico

The project will train community members to measure and monitor forest and biodiversity attributes to assess possible trade-offs and synergies between ecosystem services.

Bhargavi Srinivasulu

Creating Awareness and Stakeholder Sensitization for Conserving Endangered Endemic Hipposiderid Bats in Kolar District, Karnataka, India

The project aims to create awareness, stakeholder sensitization and long-term monitoring for conserving endangered endemic hipposiderid bats in Kolar.

Aritra Kshettry

A Study of People-Wildlife Relationships in a High Conflict Region of Northern West Bengal to Identify Feasible Conflict Resolution Methods

Understanding patterns of accidental encounters between people and large bodies wildlife (Elephants and Leopards) to identify feasible mitigation measures.

Elizabeth Chang Reissig

Disease Risks for Native Deer Species, Associated to Exotic Ungulates in National Parks of Northern Patagonia, Argentina

The aim of this study is to assess the interaction between exotic and threatened native Patagonian ungulates, in relation to animal movement and disease transmission.