Prakash Mardaraj

Identifying Key Issues for the Conservation of Sloth Bear (Melursus ursinus) in Rajnilgiri” Odisha, Eastern India

The project’s main intentions are to identify the key issues of conflict arising due to the Rajnilgiri Sloth bear population and seek solutions by community participations for the co-existence of human and Sloth bear in a human dominated landscape.

Mbosso Patrick Armel

Assessment of High Conservation Values in the COPAL Community Forest for Sustainable Adaptive Management

Project aimed to identify and delineate areas of high ecological and socio-cultural values in view of enhancing local capacity for responsible management and sound policy development.

Jeffrey Opoku Nyame

Enhancing Waste Disposal Practices And Education For Lake Bosomtwe Visitors And Communities

The project aims for sustainable management of lake Bosomtwe by enhancing waste disposal practices and education for lake bosomtwe visitors and communities. Practical ground based activities involving provision of dustbins, tricycle, appropriate waste dumps (for waste management) and Conservation education, capacity building and public awareness for both lake visitors and community members are envisaged for addressing the project objectives.

Pedro López Del Castillo

Watershed Conservation in Cuba: Bio-monitoring, Training and Environmental Education III

Aims in this stage are to increase the watersheds conservation actions (e.g. Recovery Forests and Participatory Biomonitoring) in several basins of SMMR through of the integration of several institutions with the communities.

Faith Milkah Ngugi - Muniale

Promoting Participatory Forest Management to Conserve Mau Forest Complex

To develop a forest management plan that will enable the local community (community forest association) and government of Kenya through Kenya Forest Service (KFS) to enter formal agreement on how to share responsibilities, roles and benefits for conserving the forest reserve.

Abu Saleh Mohammod Rejuan

Community Based Volunteer Management to Mitigate Human Tiger Conflict in Bangladesh Sundarbans

The project aims are to understand the motivation of the community based volunteers that encouraged them to work voluntarily, as well as their management process so that we can develop a holistic volunteer management strategy for a human wildlife conflict zone.

Bruce Levick

Seblat Conservation Camera Trap Project

The project will provide a better understanding about the biodiversity of the 8.000 hectare large conservation forest area in Seblat, north Bengkulu. Providing data in the form of the remaining populations of wildlife.

Edgar Pollard

The Establishment of the Harurarumu Forest Community Conservation Area

To achieve increased community knowledge and awareness in relation to the environment and to facilitate the training of local rangers that have greater in-depth knowledge and skills in relation to biodiversity and conservation.

Ananda Kumar Mavatur

Living with Elephants: Promoting Human-Elephant Coexistence Measures with Community Participation in a Plantation-Forest Landscape of the Anamalai Hills

Promoting human-elephant coexistence by strengthening and implanting innovative early warning systems through local people participation and understanding efficacy of systems to deal with human-elephant conflicts in the Anamalai hills.

Kamal Thapa

Assessment of Benefits and Evaluation of Ecosystem Services in Langtang National Park, Nepal

This project aims to assess the benefit, identify key ecosystem services and valuation of ecosystem services in Langtang National Park, Nepal.