Elizabeth Chang Reissig

Disease Risks for Native Deer Species, Associated to Exotic Ungulates in National Parks of Northern Patagonia, Argentina

The aim of this study is to assess the interaction between exotic and threatened native Patagonian ungulates, in relation to animal movement and disease transmission.

Michael Kermah

Sustainable Community Conservation of Montonnso Sacred Forest in Ghana for Generational Ecosystem, Bio-Cultural and Socio-Economic Benefits

Facilitate development of community natural resources vision and conservation plan, build local capacity on national forest and wildlife policies / laws and empower traditional authorities for conservation of the Sacred Forest.

Diti Mookherjee

Urban Nature Conservation in India with School Students

Our project aims to create youth nature leaders in urban areas who will take action for nature conservation and encourage others to do so. We will work with eight hundred middle-school students from sixteen schools in the Indian cities of Kolkata, Siliguri and Delhi.

Fernando Díaz

Diademed Sandpiper-Plover (Phegornis mitchellii) Conservation and Research of a Rare Andean Shorebird in Central Chile

Estimate demographic parameters and breeding phenology, complete a conservation and management strategy, and begin a public awareness campaign at the Yeso Valley.

Samantha Earle

Communities Count: Understanding Local Perspectives of Participatory Monitoring in Madagascar's New Protected Area System

The goal of this project is to understand the degree to which ecological monitoring involving local people in developing countries can meet dual conservation and development goals.

Shankar Datt

Biodiversity Conservation: A Case for Indigenous Community-Centric Buffer Zone Management

Develop a platform that adores the traditional knowledge for maintenance of harmony between humans and the flora and fauna.

Mahima Jaini

Linking Conservation and Livelihoods in Lakshadweep’s Fisheries: Long-Term Monitoring of the Live-Bait Pole and Line Tuna Fishery

With our second Rufford grant, we hope to build upon our previous work, strengthening the sustainability of the live-bait pole and line fishery through researcher and community-based fisheries monitoring and market research. Improvements in monitoring, management and markets are critical to safeguard a shift from the traditional pole and line fishery to unsustainable reef fishing practices.

Aimee Oxley

Great Ape Conservation in the Matrix: Investigating the Effects of Human Activities on the Socio-Ecological Adaptations of Chimpanzees in a Forest-Farm Mosaic, Uganda

The project aims to identify the impacts of various human activities and habitat disturbances on chimpanzee socio-ecology and explore ways to improve human-ape co-existence.

Mohammad Farhadinia

People and Persian Leopards in North-eastern Iran: Patterns of Interaction and Implication for Conservation

We are exploring extant of interaction between the leopards and local communities in northeastern Iran in order to develop community activities as well as to enhance training among local conservation practitioners.

Arjun Thapa

Strengthening Community Participatory Red Panda Conservation and Monitoring Program in Gaurishankar Conservation Area, Central Nepal

Main aim of project is to address prevailing threats of red panda through establishment of community participatory monitoring and conservation activities, and promote areas as ecotourism destination for livelihood enhancement.