Morgan Pfeiffer

Ranging Behavior of Cape Vultures (Gyps coprotheres): Implications for Wind Turbine Placement, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

This project aims to identify the foraging range and habitat use of adult Cape Vultures from breeding colonies near the proposed wind energy development zones in the Eastern Cape Province. We also plan to investigate how wind conditions, land use, and topography effect vulture flight height in regards to different flight modes.

Ayesha Prasad

Forest Restoration meets Community Development - Converting Lantana camara into Fuel Briquettes for Indigenous Communities

This project aims to (a) monitor forest recovery following the experimental uprooting of the invasive shrub, Lantana camara, and (b) process and transport the uprooted Lantana to a nearby village for conversion into fuel briquettes for the indigenous community.

Maribel Recharte

Giant Otter (Pteronura brasiliensis): Coexistence with People in the Peruvian Amazon

We will investigate the perceptions of giant otters and measure otter-human interactions using participatory fishing registers of otter sightings and net damage in Pucacuro National Reserve.

Ache Neh Acha

Ethnomycology and Conservation Status of Macro-Fungi in the Kilum-Ijim Forest Reserve, Cameroon

This project aims at carrying out ethnomycological studies, assessing the threats and conservation status of macro-fungi in Kilum-Ijim forest reserve, and raising awareness on their conservation.

Rohini Chaturvedi

Tigers and Tourism: Building Stakeholder Collaboration for Conservation

The project aims to promote ecotourism in the buffer zone of Bandhavgarh National Park to create long-term solutions for tiger conservation, improve livelihoods for local communities, and support the implementation of Government of India’s conservation policy.

Fifanou Vodouhe

Promoting Value Chains for Non-Timber Forest Products to Support Biodiversity Conservation in Benin (West Africa)

This project aims at contributing to the sustainable use of NTFP in Benin through a good organization of their marketing. The research will use value chain analysis to provide details needed.

Faraz Akrim

Ecology and Conservation of Indian Pangolin (Manis crassicaudata) in and around Pir Lasura National Park, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan

The project aims at the conservation of Indian Pangolin through a) collecting data on distribution, population and threats b) creating conservation awareness among the local community c) capacity building of field staff of the relevant state department.

Nishant Maragowdanahalli Srinivasaiah

The Apolitical Elephant: Assessing Elephant Ranging Patterns across a Political Boundary in a Human-Dominated Landscape, Eastern Ghats, India

This study aims to promote the management of trans-frontier elephants, at the landscape-level, by improving the linkages between managers and local communities across administrative boundaries through information-sharing.

Fedor Sarayev

Assessment of Bird of Prey Mortality Caused by Electricity Power Lines in Mangistau Region, Kazakhstan

Project realization will minimize negative impact of power lines on birds of prey in Mangistau region: the most dangerous sections of the power lines grid would be identified for technical modification funded by the owners of the power lines.

Dennis Marita

Malaulalo Island Conservation Initiative

Project aims: 1. To strengthen and sustain the conservation initiative of the island emplaced in 2010 by the island community. 2. Create a sanctuary for turtle breeding on Malaulalo Island through research and wider awareness campaign.