Ananda Kumar Mavatur

Living with Elephants: Promoting Human-Elephant Coexistence Measures with Community Participation in a Plantation-Forest Landscape of the Anamalai Hills

Promoting human-elephant coexistence by strengthening and implanting innovative early warning systems through local people participation and understanding efficacy of systems to deal with human-elephant conflicts in the Anamalai hills.

Kamal Thapa

Assessment of Benefits and Evaluation of Ecosystem Services in Langtang National Park, Nepal

This project aims to assess the benefit, identify key ecosystem services and valuation of ecosystem services in Langtang National Park, Nepal.

Jasson John

Biodiversity Monitoring, Environmental Awareness Campaign and Community Empowerment on Income Generating Activities at Malagarasi Wetlands, Tanzania

To monitor waterbirds and raise environmental awareness. To provide technical knowhow on income generating activities and establish a pilot village beekeeping project

Sara Thornton

Evaluating the Ecological and Cultural Services Provided by Tropical Forest Ecosystems: Freshwater Fish and the Use of Fish Ponds as a Sustainable Livelihood Source in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

The project aims are: 1) to assess the fish communities in the forest and river; 2) assess the importance of fish and fishing to the local communities and 3) to evaluate the use of fish ponds as a sustainable livelihood source.

Isabel Marques da Silva

Conservation and Management of Reef Sharks in the Western Indian Ocean through Scientific and Local Community Collaborative Actions

To use acoustic telemetry integrated within a community co-fisheries monitoring program to conserve, manage and educate over the importance of the conservation of Sharks

Linda North

Conservation of Coastal Marine Eco-Systems of Aceh Besar by Supporting Traditional Fishing Commanders to Set Up Locally Managed Marine Protected Areas.

The project aims to reduce use of destructive methods of fishing on reefs by capacity building local fishing commanders to set up marine protected areas and ban use of such methods.

Jane Herrera Uria

Conservation Status and Geographic Distribution of the Endemic Land Snails Species of the Isla de la Juventud, after Hurricane ''Ike'', in Cuba

The project aims at assessing the actual conservation status and geographic distribution of the terrestrial malacofauna in Isla de la Juventud, Cuba.

Travis Steffens

A Community-Based Conservation and Education Approach to Conserving Endangered Lemur Species Found near Remote Villages in NW Madagascar

Our project aims are to instil a sense of pride in the protection of lemurs and their habitat and to commit to actions that protect lemurs and their habitat.

Priya Gupta

Examining the Implementation and Influence of Conservation Induced Relocation and Forest Rights Act on Livelihood of TribalsiIn Nagarhole Tiger Reserve, India

The study aims to examine the implementation and influence of conservation induced relocation and Forest Rights Act on the livelihood of forest dwelling tribal communities in Nagarhole Tiger Reserve in India.

Madeleine Nyiratuza

Strengthening the Capacity of Local Farmers to Reduce Conflicts Between them and the Managers of the Gishwati Forest Reserve, Rwanda

This project aims at expanding the beekeeping business that farmers around the Gishwati Forest Reserve started in 2012 in order to generate income that will be used to reduce illegal cattle grazing and crop raiding conflicts, and to improve local livelihoods.