Samya Basu

Ecological Restoration of Elephant Corridors and Community Awareness to Reduce Human-Elephant Conflict around Mayurjharna Elephant Reserve, West Bengal, India

The ultimate goal of this project is to develop a better participatory management plan of elephant habitats.

Jonas Eriksson

Community Participation in Patrol and Surveillance of Forest Resources in Salonga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo

This project aims to strengthen the efficacy of the ICCN Rangers patrol of Park borders by integrating the participation of villagers and thereby also increasing local awareness of community owned forest.

Colleen Begg

Mitigation of Negative Human Impacts on Large Carnivore Populations in Niassa National Reserve, Northern Mozambique

To secure viable populations of large carnivores (lion, leopard, hyaena ) in NNR, which also supports 25000 people, by minimizing the negative impacts large carnivores have on communities (injury, death, stock theft) and reduce negative effects humans have on carnivores (retaliatory killing, snaring and sport hunting of underage animals).

Rachel Claire McRobb

South Luangwa Conservation Society (SLCS)

The aim of the SLCS is to develop anti-poaching activities.

Natalia Ceballos-Mago

The Margarita Monkey, an Endangered Capuchin Inhabiting a Fragmented Habitat on Margarita Island, Venezuela

The main goal in this study is to evaluate the use of habitat by the Margarita capuchin monkey over its fragmented range of distribution and generate recommendation for its conservation.

Dennis Rentsch

Bushmeat Hunting in the Serengeti Ecosystem: Nutritional and Socio-Economic Drivers

The aims of this project are to 1) assess the nature of demand for bushmeat by local communities living in the Serengeti ecosystem, specifically with regard to socio-economic and nutritional motivations for consuming bushmeat, and 2) to determine the viability of poultry as an alternative to bushmeat and to determine whether improving poultry production by vaccinating against Newcastle disease will help reduce bushmeat hunting.

Gretchen Walters

Savannas on Fire: Linking Conservation, Biology, and Traditional Knowledge

This study will document local fire practices associated with savanna resource utilisation and apply it to the management of PBNP, Gabon.

Antonio de la Torre de Lara

Research for the Conservation of the Jaguar in the Selva Lacandona, Chiapas, Mexico

The aim of this project is to estimate jaguar density in the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve through camera-trapping in combination with capture-recapture sampling methods, for evaluate the status of conservation of this species in the region.

Navinder Jeet Singh

Towards the Survival of the Endangered Tibetan Argali in India

This study will monitor population status, and investigate the distribution and habitat selection of the subspecies, sexual differences in habitat selection and causes of sexual segregation, which should enable better conservation planning for this population.

Laura Guichón

Shearing of Wild Guanacos in Patagonia: A New Threat for their Already Depressed Populations?

Through this project we plan to evaluate the disruption of social structure, increase of mortality and decrease of reproduction due to shearing of wild guanacos.