Aparajita Datta

Hornbills, Hoolocks, Hog Badgers - Long-Term Monitoring of Threatened Wildlife with Local Communities in Arunachal Pradesh, North-East India

This project will work with local communities to establish rigorous long-term wildlife monitoring protocols and assess landscape level changes in forest cover.

Bandana Aul

Roost Location and Protection Using Indigenous Communities in the Nicobar Group of Islands, India

This project is an ecological initiative involving indigenous communities of the Nicobar Islands, India. It aims at conserving the endemic Nicobar flying fox or Tayam Peh from hunting pressure and current forest practices in the Nicobar Islands.


Community-Based Conservation of Endangered Primates in Southwest Cameroon

The project aims at promoting the conservation of animal wildlife and the sustainable harvest of natural resources by building the capacity of local communities and support local initiatives in the long term conservation of endangered wildlife in the Korup Region of Cameroon.

Nova M. Sangma

Developing a Strategy to Curb Hunting in the Balpakram Baghmara Community Conservation Landscape

To study the features of hunting in the Balpakram Baghmara Community Conservation Landscape, Meghalaya, India  and develop a strategy, in consultation and with the participation of local stakeholders, to curb such hunting and protect biodiversity in the region.

Ambika Aiyadurai

Hunting by Tribal Communities in Arunachal Pradesh, Northeast India : Implications for Wildlife Conservation

Through this project, I aim to understand and quantify the intensity of hunting and assess its impacts on wildlife populations in the state.

James Murdoch

Evaluating the Impacts of Carnivore Hunting in the Grassland and Semi-Desert Steppes of Mongolia

The aim of our Rufford Small Grants project is to evaluate the ecological impacts of hunting in the grassland and semi-desert steppes of Mongolia.

Margaretha Pangau

The Assessment of Hunting Practices and the Involvement of Local Communities for Wildlife Conservation in Papua, Indonesia

The overall aim of this project is to examine the pattern and extent of hunting in West Papua, Indonesia and to assess its possible impact on local wildlife populations.

Mark Bowler

Ecology and Conservation of the Red Uakari Monkey in the Yavari Valley of Peru

This is the first year-round study to investigate the ecology and human impact on red uakari monkeys

Honnavalli N Kumara

Impact of Local Hunting on Abundance of Large Mammals in Three Protected Areas of the Western Ghats, Karnataka

This study focuses on to establish baseline data on animals in Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary and Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Jef Dupain

Integrated Conservation and Development Project in Dja Faunal Reserve, Cameroon

A project to develop a plan for sustainable hunting in an area critical to great apes in Cameroon.