Eufracio Jr. Maratas

Sustaining Watershed Rehabilitation and Management through Rainforestation in Pilar, Cebu

The project aims to increase watershed stakeholders' support for Rainforestation – a community-based reforestation approach that promotes planting of native tree species in a closed canopy and high diversity forest farming system and integrates human food production and livelihood efforts.

Nzigiyimpa Leonidas

Project of Reinforcement of the Integrity of Bururi Natural Forest Reserve

This project aims to restore the total integrity of the natural forest reserve of Bururi through the materialization of the limit and the sensitization of the riparian populations.

Lesley McCulloch

Integrating Environmental Justice and Conservation of Natural Resources into Natural Resources Management Policy in the Province of Aceh, Indonesia

The aim of the project is to assist the GoA in its efforts to ensure good governance in the extraction of natural resources in Aceh, and to draft a document of best practise.

Marinés de la Peña Domene

Building Bridges between Tropical Rain Forest and Cattle Ranchers: Creating Incentives for Overcoming Forest Regeneration Barriers

We aim to overcome regeneration barriers and re-establishing landscape connectivity by planting tree species with early fruits production that attract animal dispersers into pastures.

M.D. Danesh Miah

Traditional Ecological Knowledge in the REDD – Plus Strategies in Bangladesh

The project aims at exploring the traditional ecological knowledge/practice of the forest dependent peoples, which can be useful in sorting out the REDD+ strategies in Bangladesh.

Maíra Benchimol

Ecological Consequences of Mega-Hydroelectric Dams on Vertebrate Assemblages in Amazonian Forests.

The aim of the project is to examine the community-wide effects of forest fragmentation on Amazonian forest vertebrates in a major hydroelectric dam.

Daniel Renison

Native Forests, Wildlife and Water in Central Argentina: Fostering Public Ecological Understanding and Forest Restoration

The aim of the project is to continue to contribute to the restoration of native mountain forests by fostering public ecological understanding.

Vincent Mainga

Ecological Assessment of Kibauni Forest Hill to Document its Floristic Composition and Scale Up Conservation Initiatives

The aim of the project is to carry out an ecological survey in Kibauni hill forest to be able to document its floristic composition and stem up conservation efforts in the area. This is vital to establish a document which will give us an indication of species composition, structure, and distribution which will be very crucial in identifying threats to the forest.

Hodabalo Pereki

Assessment of Species Diversity, Vegetation Structure and Human Activities in the Dry Forest of Abdoulaye Protected Area (Togo, West Africa)

The aim of the project is to survey quantitative information related to plant diversity, dry forests’ dynamics and interrelationship between forest structure and anthropogenic factors for biodivesrity conservation. Like other West African countries, an extensive data will be built in the purpose to formulate the strategies for sustainable management of Abdoulaye protected area.

David Kimani Kuria

Development of a Participatory Conservation Strategy, Kinale Forest, Central Kenya

This project aims at developing some innovative ways that will help to strengthen conservation of the threatened species and their habitats in Kinale forest of the large Kikuyu Escarpment Forest