Clay Plager-Unger

Revegetation/Restoration Project

The project aims to restore endangered Dry Tropical Forest through revegetation of native tree species. Tree-planting workshops will provide education about protecting this fragile ecosystem.

Harisha Ranganahalli

Conservation of Rare, Endangered and Threatened Wild Plants Species through Community Participation

The project intends at conserving rare endangered and threatened wild plant species by building awareness and training programs among harvesters, building local institutional network to popularize among villagers in Male Madeshwara Hills Reserve Forest.

Rene Reyes

Fuelwood and Forest Degradation in the Chilean Temperate Rainforests

The project aims to: a) Identify the current main fuelwood production areas in “Los Rios Region”, b) Analyze market failures driving forest degradation in the main fuelwood production areas, c) Generate policy proposals to reduce forest degradation.

Teodoro Licarte

Engaging Communities to Rehabilitate Mine Sites Using the Potential Natural Vegetation Technique in Camarines Norte, Philippines

Generally, this proposed project is aimed to rehabilitate the degraded mined out areas in the municipalities of Jose Panganiban and Paracale in Camarines Norte, Philippines using the potential natural vegetation technique.

Romina Cecilia Torres

Conservation and Restoration of the Mountain Forest of Córdoba: Developing Techniques for the Native Tree Maytenus boaria, Argentina

To study the establishment and growth of Maytenus boaria tree and to carry out a reforestation with native trees en degraded areas with volunteer helping.

Heloisa Brum

Conservation and Management of Community-Based Agriculture and Non-Timber Forest Products of Piagaçu-Purus Sustainable Development Reserve, Amazonas, Brazil

The project has 4 aims: 1. Assessment of rates of habitat conversion for agriculture; 2. We will offer training courses in meliponiculture to inhabitants of the PP-SDR; 3. Survey and mapping of the use of non-timber forest resources; and 4. Study of the ecology of the species

Aseneth Ureña Ramón

Effect of Defaunation on Large Seed Removal of Spondias mombin L. in the Lacandona Rain Forest, Chiapas, Mexico

The aim of the project is to determin the effect that the loss of mammals has on the removal of large seeds like Spondias mombin, in the Mexican tropical rain forest.

Virginia Moreno Puig

Conservation of Endemic and Threatened Amphibians in Fragmented Temperate Forest of the Nahuelbuta Range in Chile

This project aims to make a significant contribution towards the conservation of endemic and threatened amphibians of the Nahuelbuta Mountain Range through ecological research, management, and promotion of public awareness.

Nzigiyimpa Leonidas

Project of Awareness and Integration of Communities in the Conservation of the Natural Forest Reserve of Bururi

This project aims to preserve the Bururi forest across raising public awareness and elaboration of an action plan.

Signe Mikulane

The Risks of Degradation in Tropical Forest Ecosystems – Modelling Ecological Vulnerability to Support Conservation in São Tomé

The aim of this project is to understand the local human-environmental interactions that cause forest degradation and to find ways of improving the long-term sustainability.