Andimile Martin

The Biodiversity and Conservation of Lwafi Game Reserve in the South Western Tanzania

The aims of my research are to investigate the distribution and abundance of mammals, carry out vegetation monitoring, and determine the extent of current illegal extraction of both mammals and timber in Lwafi Game Reserve Western Tanzania.

Mohammed Alamgir

Strengthening Community Based Biodiversity Conservation in the Ethnic Community of Bangladesh

The aim of my project is to strengthen biodiversity conservation in Village Common Forest (VCF) through minimizing reasons of depletion, creating community awareness and conservation education.

M O Anand

Understanding the Drivers of Losses in Carbon Storage Ecosystem Services Provided by Tropical Forest Fragments in India’s Western Ghats

The primary goal of this project is to investigate the underlying ecological mechanisms and anthropogenic influences driving changes in ecosystem carbon storage in tropical rainforest fragments in India's Western Ghats, using a framework of functional ecology. Further, through policy reviews and meetings with experts, we propose to identify areas of congruence and gaps between science, policy and implementation of ecosystem serviced-based conservation in this landscape.

Navendu Page

Assessing the Status and Distribution of Endemic and Threatened Trees of the Western Ghats

The aim of the project is to evaluate and assess the status of endemic and threatened tree species of Western Ghats using data generated from comprehensive field surveys. This information will contribute to a database on distribution and status of these species along with a pictorial field guide to some of these poorly known species.

Dr. Francesco Rovero

Boosting Local Capacity for Ecological Monitoring: Long-Term, Integrated Research and Conservation Programme in the Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania

This project aims to consolidate ecological monitoring and research for anticipating population declines and boosting local capacity to respond to increasing threats in the Udzungwa Mountains of Tanzania, a global biodiversity hotspot.

Mohammad Belal Uddin

Monoculture Plantations in Bangladesh: Consequences for Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Livelihoods

The aim of my project is to analyse the effects of monoculture plantations on biodiversity and rural livelihoods in and around protected areas of Bangladesh.

Henderson Maposa

One Leader One Forest; A Participatory Community Action towards Reforestation of Mikolongwe Mountain

The project aims to mobilise Mikolongwe mountainside communities to plant fast-growing Albizia and Afzelia trees around the Mountain and promote practices aimed at preventing damage to the new forest.

Rocio Urrutia Jalabert

Primary Productivity in Endangered Fitzroya cupressoides Forests in Chile, its Environmental Controls and the Vulnerability of these Forests to Climate Change

This project aims to assess the primary productivity of endangered Alerce forests in southern Chile and the main environmental factors that drive this productivity. The project also emphasizes the education of children on this species.

Andres Link

Effects of Fragmentation on the Behavioral Ecology, Stress Levels and Parasitism in the Brown Spider Monkey (Ateles hybridus) in Colombia

This project aims to compare the effects of fragmentation, resource availability and primate population density on the stress levels and parasitism of brown spider monkeys by comparing two habituated populations; one living in an extremely fragmented forest and one living in a forest with minor anthropogenic intervention. These data will build on our current understanding on the status of the remaining wild population of brown spider monkeys and will help to design successful conservation initiatives for these critically endangered primates.

Nurul Winarni

Ecosystem Service, Supporting the Forest, Supporting the People: Evaluating Ecosystem Services of Forest Edge for Park Boundary Support System

This study evaluates the biodiversity ecosystem service through the bird and bat community at park boundary to understand how ecosystem service support the forest and support the people.