Renzoandre De la Pena Lavander

Ecology-Based and Multi-Purpose Management of the Tropical Dry Forest in Northern Peru

This projects aims to produce a model that helps to identify and better understand the factors leading to the degradation and deforestation of the dry tropical forest of Northwest Peru.

Ricardo de Lima

The Impact of Changing Agricultural and Forestry Practices on the Endemic Species of Sao Tome – Letting People Know

This project intends (1) to raise awareness, amongst Santomeans, about the threats faced by the island’s unique natural heritage and (2) to provide relevant stakeholders with information on the response of endemic-rich biodiversity to land-use practices. In doing so, the project will empower Santomeans with knowledge to improve land-use management for biodiversity conservation.

Longtong Turshak

Fire and Herbivory Impacts Savanna Woodland Vegetation: Saving the Largest Protected Woodland in the Guinea Savanna Region of Nigeria

The project sets to investigate the effects of fire and herbivory on savanna woodland in relation to the foraging ecology of large herbivores.

Raymond Katebaka

Enhancing Community Participation to Conserve Fragmented Forests in Central Uganda

To work with local communities and identify best conservation practices of degraded forests to maintain their ecosystem functionality and encourage effective management in central Uganda. Train village environment committees in the local leadership of the communities’ adjacent forest fragments to develop collaborative forest management activities including the establishment of demonstrations projects.

Zuzana Burivalova

Impact of Illegal Selective Logging on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Madagascar

The aim of this project is to assess the impact of illegal selective logging of precious hardwoods in north-eastern Madagascar on the native and introduced biodiversity of the humid forests.

Andimile Martin

The Biodiversity and Conservation of Lwafi Game Reserve in the South Western Tanzania

The aims of my research are to investigate the distribution and abundance of mammals, carry out vegetation monitoring, and determine the extent of current illegal extraction of both mammals and timber in Lwafi Game Reserve Western Tanzania.

Mohammed Alamgir

Strengthening Community Based Biodiversity Conservation in the Ethnic Community of Bangladesh

The aim of my project is to strengthen biodiversity conservation in Village Common Forest (VCF) through minimizing reasons of depletion, creating community awareness and conservation education.

M O Anand

Understanding the Drivers of Losses in Carbon Storage Ecosystem Services Provided by Tropical Forest Fragments in India’s Western Ghats

The primary goal of this project is to investigate the underlying ecological mechanisms and anthropogenic influences driving changes in ecosystem carbon storage in tropical rainforest fragments in India's Western Ghats, using a framework of functional ecology. Further, through policy reviews and meetings with experts, we propose to identify areas of congruence and gaps between science, policy and implementation of ecosystem serviced-based conservation in this landscape.

Navendu Page

Assessing the Status and Distribution of Endemic and Threatened Trees of the Western Ghats

The aim of the project is to evaluate and assess the status of endemic and threatened tree species of Western Ghats using data generated from comprehensive field surveys. This information will contribute to a database on distribution and status of these species along with a pictorial field guide to some of these poorly known species.

Dr. Francesco Rovero

Boosting Local Capacity for Ecological Monitoring: Long-Term, Integrated Research and Conservation Programme in the Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania

This project aims to consolidate ecological monitoring and research for anticipating population declines and boosting local capacity to respond to increasing threats in the Udzungwa Mountains of Tanzania, a global biodiversity hotspot.