Virginia Moreno Puig

Conservation of Endemic and Threatened Amphibians in Fragmented Temperate Forest of the Nahuelbuta Range in Chile

This project aims to make a significant contribution towards the conservation of endemic and threatened amphibians of the Nahuelbuta Mountain Range through ecological research, management, and promotion of public awareness.

Nzigiyimpa Leonidas

Project of Awareness and Integration of Communities in the Conservation of the Natural Forest Reserve of Bururi

This project aims to preserve the Bururi forest across raising public awareness and elaboration of an action plan.

Signe Mikulane

The Risks of Degradation in Tropical Forest Ecosystems – Modelling Ecological Vulnerability to Support Conservation in São Tomé

The aim of this project is to understand the local human-environmental interactions that cause forest degradation and to find ways of improving the long-term sustainability.

Nguyen Duc To Luu

Conservation of Conifer Tree Species in Hoa Binh – Son La Limestone Corridor

Conservation status assessment and propagation research for endangered conifer tree species in Hoa Binh and Son La provinces, Vietnam.

Someshwar Kumar Das

Community Based Natural Waterhole Conservation Project; Pilot Project in Community Forest of Eastern Churia Landscape of Nepal

The overall aim of this project is to contribute for natural waterhole conservation in community forests of Churia landscape through waterhole restoration and awareness raising activities among local youths and students.

Arsen Gasparyan

Assessment of the Epiphytic Lichen Biota and its Conservation Needs in the “Dilijan” National Park

The project aims to obtain comprehensive data on epiphytic lichens diversity, abundance and distribution in the different terrestrial-functional zones of the “Dilijan” National Park. The project will also be directed to identify threatened lichen species and they conservation needs.

Valbert Bayron Martínez Salgado

Establishing Ecological Monitoring Systems to Support Sustainable Management of Indigenous Community Forests in Nicaragua’s North Atlantic Autonomous Region

With the implementation of this project the principal aims is to establish the monitoring system in SIPBAA and Layasiksa forests and also strengthen local capacities to develop the monitoring process.

Michael Musgrave

The Decline of the Zambezi Teak Forests of Western Zambia and the Implications for Biodiversity, Conservation and Sustainable Forest Management

The aim of the project is to assess the implications of the decline of the Zambezi Teak forests for conservation and sustainable forest management. To examine the institutional issues which cause the decline.

Eleanor Frew

Potential Ecological Factors Limiting the Density of Eulemur Flavifrons in Differently Degraded Forest Fragments on the Sahamalaza Peninsula, NW Madagascar

This study aims to investigate differences in the nutritional and population ecology of the blue-eyed black lemur, in differently degraded forest fragments.

Anjana Giri

Biodiversity Conservation through Sustainable Forest Management in the Balajhar Community Forest, East Nepal

The aim of the study is to analyze the effect of different scale of anthropogenic disturbances in the vegetation structure and regeneration of dominant plant species.