Sandra Duran

Tree Diversity and Above Ground Carbon Stocks in a Tropical Dry Forest

The aim of the project is to evaluate how changes on tree diversity and functional traits across successional stages (age since land abandonment and land-use history) affect aboveground carbon storage in a tropical dry forest.

Wilko Bosma

NRDF – Community Based Forest Conservation Project

Aim of the project is to conserve some of the last intact forest ecosystems in the Western Solomon Islands, while contributing to the sustainable development of the local communities owning these areas.

Wanlop Chutipong

Distribution, Abundance and Conservation of Small Mammalian Carnivores in a Threatened Dry Forest Landscape of Thailand

The project aims to quantify through the use of camera trapping and radio telemetry how small mammalian carnivores use a frequently burned tropical dry forest landscape to inform management actions.

Prakash Bhandari

Sustainable Utilisation based Conservation of NTFPs through Community Institutions in Chamba District, Himachal Pradesh, India

The project aims to facilitate processes of collective action among NTFP collectors and put in place systems of protection, management and sustainable utilization of NTFPs through local village level institutions, legally recognised by the State Forest Department, Himachal Pradesh.

Mai Yourke Khoure

Awareness Training and Research Based on the Impact of Deforestation Inside Burma in Northern Shan State

The aims of the project is to promote reforestation, take action on environmental issues and to spread awareness about how to respect and protect the environment in this time of environmental crisis. To raise awareness in the communities of how to have sustainable livelihoods. To use their livelihoods within their natural resources and to maintain their forest.

Kakhaber Sukhitashvili

The Ecological Assessment and Conservation Planning of the Alazani River Basin Riparian Forests Vegetation - Georgia (South Caucasus)

The aim of the project is an ongoing ecological assessment and conservation planning of Alazani riparian forests vegetation. We will also create conservation plan for target forests including reports for some threatened plant species from target area. The project will involve science students from a local University.

Stanislav Viter

The International Year of Forests in the Northeastern Ukraine: Establishing of Long-Term Program on Forest Biodiversity Conservation

We aim to create the network of small protected patches of old forests outside of nature reserves and to limit forest harvesting in Eastern Ukraine. Beside this we are going to inform publicity about the state of local forests.

Ariel Isaias Ayma Romay

Restoration and Management of Queñua (Polylepis racemosa) and Pino de Monte (Podocarpus glomeratus) Woodlands in the Yungas of Independencia, Bolivia

The aim of the project is to contribute to restoration and management of Queñua (Polylepis racemosa) and Pino de Monte (Podocarpus glomeratus) woodlands in the Yungas of Independencia, Bolivia.

Campbell Plowden

Sustainable Harvest and Marketing of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) with Indigenous Communities in the Northern Peruvian Amazon

This project promotes the sustainable harvest and sale of non-timber forest products (NTFPs) such as essential oils and innovative handicrafts by native communities in the northern Peruvian Amazon.

Mark Nicholson

Plants for Life

The aim of the project is the ecological and forest restoration in the East African Uplands coupled with biodiversity conservation and development of a botanic garden and a butterfly farm.