Andres Link

Effects of Fragmentation on the Behavioral Ecology, Stress Levels and Parasitism in the Brown Spider Monkey (Ateles hybridus) in Colombia

This project aims to compare the effects of fragmentation, resource availability and primate population density on the stress levels and parasitism of brown spider monkeys by comparing two habituated populations; one living in an extremely fragmented forest and one living in a forest with minor anthropogenic intervention. These data will build on our current understanding on the status of the remaining wild population of brown spider monkeys and will help to design successful conservation initiatives for these critically endangered primates.

Nurul Winarni

Ecosystem Service, Supporting the Forest, Supporting the People: Evaluating Ecosystem Services of Forest Edge for Park Boundary Support System

This study evaluates the biodiversity ecosystem service through the bird and bat community at park boundary to understand how ecosystem service support the forest and support the people.

Tammy Davies

Conserving One of the Last Coastal Rainforests: Establishing Baseline Data and Building Capacity for Community Conservation on Makira

This project will provide vital baseline biodiversity data and improve understanding of how people use natural resources. Alongside this it will build local capacity and help local communities understand the importance of maintaining healthy ecosystems for continued resource provision.

Moses Sainge Nsanyi

Biodiversity Assessment and Conservation Status of Plants in the Mbembe Forest Reserve of Donga Mantung Division in the North West Region of Cameroon

The aim of the project is to carry out the first systematic botanical surveys of the vegetation and assess the Biodiversity and conservation status of Plants in Mbembe Forest Reserve area through forest inventory.

Akomian Fortuné Azihou

Local Community Involvement in the Conservation of Five Endangered Multipurpose Tree Species of Gallery Forests in the Biosphere Reserve of Pendjari

The project aims to conserve local biodiversity in community forests by identifying and promoting indigenous conservation practices and decision making about resource use.

Cheryl D. Nath

Farming Native Timber on Private Fallow Lands: A Potential Conservation Strategy for the Western Ghats, India

The project will assess farmers’ interest in utilising fallow lands for growing native timber species. It also will explore ways in which Government agencies could support the program to ensure sustainability.

Marcia Carolina Muñoz Neyra

Climate Change and Consequences for Plant-Frugivores Network in Tropical Andean Forest

My research goal is to understand how environmental conditions affect the seed dispersal process(seedling recruitment) by birds in highly biodiverse forests and recognize the most important species (plants and frugivorous birds) to maintain forest regeneration in Andean Mountains.

Brent Loken

Protecting the Biodiversity of Wehea Forest in Borneo through Research, Education and Conservation

To integrate research, conservation and education activities to build a sustainable and holistic conservation program in Wehea Forest. Special attention is placed on Miller’s Grizzled Langur, an extremely rare and endangered monkey, which was discovered in Wehea Forest as part of last year’s RSG funded biodiversity study.

Youndjie Koleoko Gabriel

Analog Forestry: Pathway for Biodiversity Conservation and Agro-Enterprise Development in Bafut, North West Cameroon

The aim of the project is to promote individual analog forests, mitigate conflicts over communal lands, and improve the economic situation of residents through bee farming and crop diversification.

Tu Vuong Tan

A Program for Conservation of Biodiversity and Endemism of Bats in Scattered Forests and Cave Complex in North Western, Vietnam

The goal of this project is to perform a comprehensive program to conserve bat populations inhabiting in remaining forest areas and cave systems within protected areas in North Western, Vietnam (NW)