Tarsh Thekaekara

Living with Invasive Species – A Bottom up Approach to Mapping and Monitoring Lantana camara

We intend to map the spread of Lantana camara, an invasive plant, in the Bandipur Tiger Reserve in South India, and create an ecological niche model to understand its spread and plan management interventions.

Longtong Turshak

Fire and Herbivory Impact Savanna Vegetation: Understanding the Fire, Herbivore and Woodland Community Interplay in One of Nigeria’s Foremost Game Reserves

The project sets out to determine the impact of fire and herbivory on woody plants as food vis-à-vis the seasonal distribution and dietary shifts of herbivores in the savanna woodland Yankari Game Reserve, Nigeria.

Paul Serge Mbenoun Masse

Role of Millipedes as Bio-Indicators of Forest Disturbance in Southern Cameroon Rainforest

The overall aim of this project is to assess the millipede faunas across a gradient of forest disturbance, in order to understand their role as bio-indicator in southern Cameroon rainforest.

Magdalene Ngeve

Local Gene Flow Dispersal, and Establishment of Mangroves in Cameroon: Combined Revelations from Morpho-Physical Observations

Insights on the physical conditions affecting establishment of mangrove, propagules dispersal, and patterns of local gene flow are very crucial for the management of these degrading ecosystems.

Samuel Nsiah

Preservation of Sacred Forests and Indigenous Cultural Heritage for Biodiversity and Socio-Cultural Wellbeing in Rural Ghana

Our long-term goal is to encourage national awareness of the conservation of sacred forests for biodiversity and socio-cultural wellbeing of communities in Ghana, and to encourage collaborative partnerships among state institutions for the conservation of these forests.

Sèdjro Gilles Armel Nago

Towards a Database of the Amphibians of Benin: Making Amphibians Data Available for Ecological, Applied Studies and Conservation (MADE-AS-Conserv Project)

This project, which is the first of its kind, aims to give an insight into the amphibian fauna of three dense semi-deciduous remnant forests while training some stakeholders on amphibian surveys techniques and conservation practices.

Ida Ansharyani

Forest Conservation Education for Youth in Sumbawa

This project aims to raise the knowledge and awareness of local young people about the importance of forests in Batulanteh Watershed, Sumbawa. The objectives of this project are to: (1) Document stories related to local forest; (2) Identify local important plants in the forest and why they are important; and (3) Establish herbarium of the plants.

Anna Mahulu

Enhancing Conservation of Magombera Forest through Practicing Modern Beekeeping by Adjacent Local Communities

The aim of the project is to create conservation awareness to local communities surround the Magombera forest reserve, empowering them by the modern bee keeping project from traditional one.

Paul Bartlett

Collaborative Action to Save Wild Populations of Betula megrelica - An Endangered, Alpine Tree in the Western Caucasus

This project will contribute to the protection of habitat and biodiversity in the Caucasus mountains by implementing a strategic set of collaborative actions to conserve the wild populations of Betula megrelica.

Emmanuel Acheampong

Impact of Road Infrastructure on Livelihoods and Land Use in Rural Ghana

This research aims to examine the impact of roads on livelihoods of crop farmers, patterns of farming systems and land cover change in Ghana