Shovan Dattagupta

Conservation Initiative of Dipterocarpus turbinatus: A Critically Endangered Tree Species of Northeast India

This research and application work will estimate present population status, habitat characterisation and initiate longstanding conservation strategy and action on critically endangered tree species Dipterocarpus turbinatus

David A. Prieto-Torres

Defining Conservation Priorities of Seasonally Dry Tropical Forest, One Ecosystem Globally Threatened: Conservation Insights under Future Global Climate Change

To perform a biogeographical study by attending the origins and relationships among the main areas of Neotropical Seasonally Dry Forest (SDTFs) to re-evaluate its conservation status and to define conservation priorities along its distribution.

Angelus Runji

Empowering Community at Three Villages Adjacent to Mikumi National Park on Participatory Management and Protection of African Elephants’ Habitat Tanzania

Our aims are: - To increase protection and management of elephant’s habitat in Mikumi National Park. - To end human – elephant’s conflict incidences between adjacent villages and park.

Abu Kibria

Ecosystem Services in Biodiversity Conservation and Human Wellbeing: Evidence from Veun Sai-Siem Pang Conservation Area, Cambodia

This study is designed to estimate the value of major ecosystem services (ESS) of conservation forest in Cambodia and explore the effects of ESS on community wellbeing and forest conservation.

Demelash Alem Ayana

Ecology, Land Use/Cover Change, and Carbon Sequestration Potential of Islands of Lake Tana and its Surrounding Vegetation, North Western Ethiopia

Aim of the project: This research project will document information on plant species composition, land use/cover change, carbon sequestration potential and the soil seed bank of Lake Tana and surrounding vegetation.

Mariela V. Lacoretz

ssessing Biodiversity and its Relationship with Habitat Structure in Coastal Woodlands of Buenos Aires Province: An Opportunity for Environmental Education

Aims of this project: -To determine biodiversity in forest patches and influences of deforestation- To make talares known to the general public so they will better understand what a forest is and why they should protect them.

Paul Omonge

Integrated Indigenous Knowledge-Based Approaches for the Conservation of Nyangores Sub-Catchment of the Upper Mara River Basin

To map out private/community forest resources and integrate local indigenous knowledge in the training, education and conservation initiatives of the Nyangores catchment.

María Victoria Capello

Dung Beetle Diversity in Intact Forest Landscapes of the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve: Implications for Conservation in Adjacent Human-Modified Landscapes

This project aims at generating information about the ecology of Scarabaeinae dung beetles, analyzing species diversity and distribution patterns in relation to natural forest heterogeneity in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. Subsequently, dung beetle diversity response to forest transformation in neighboring communal lands will be examined involving community members.

Julio Vasquez Alva

Monitoring of Growth and Health of Native Tree Species in Agroforestry Systems in the Peruvian Amazon using Mobile Electronic Devices

We aim to develop and pilot a monitoring tool for assessing native species tree growth on using mobile electronic devices. Improved monitoring of tree growth and health patterns will ultimately enable better management, and success in the restoration of degraded lands in the Peruvian Amazon through agroforestry.

Alejandro Venegas González

What Can Reveal the Tree Rings of Nothofagus Macrocarpa about the Conservation State of the Mediterranean Deciduous Forest of Central Chile?

This study will provide a vision about the conservation state of the Mediterranean deciduous forest of central Chile through of the N. Macrocarpa remaining populations.