Paul Bartlett

Collaborative Action to Save Wild Populations of Betula megrelica - An Endangered, Alpine Tree in the Western Caucasus

This project will contribute to the protection of habitat and biodiversity in the Caucasus mountains by implementing a strategic set of collaborative actions to conserve the wild populations of Betula megrelica.

Emmanuel Acheampong

Impact of Road Infrastructure on Livelihoods and Land Use in Rural Ghana

This research aims to examine the impact of roads on livelihoods of crop farmers, patterns of farming systems and land cover change in Ghana

Wirsiy Emmanuel Binyuy

Nchiiy Community Forest Regeneration for Increased Honey Production and Biodiversity

This project promotes environmental education through field work in forest regeneration and the fight against forest degradation for biodiversity conservation and improved livelihood.

Yurko Hudyma

Protection of Gorgany Wilderness Species through Support of Conservation Areas

Ukrainian Carpathians with informational inventory for avoiding illegal trespassing and misuse. Arrangement of an educative trail in the reserve.

Cecilia Simon

Participatory Monitoring of Ecosystem Service Trade-offs in a Community Managed Forest: the Case of San Juan Lachao in Oaxaca, Mexico

The project will train community members to measure and monitor forest and biodiversity attributes to assess possible trade-offs and synergies between ecosystem services.

Moses Sainge Nsanyi

Patterns of Distribution and Endemism of Plants in the Cameroon Mountains

To understand the Biodiversity Patterns of Plants distribution, Endemism , and climate change effect across the Cameroon Mountains.

Michael Kermah

Sustainable Community Conservation of Montonnso Sacred Forest in Ghana for Generational Ecosystem, Bio-Cultural and Socio-Economic Benefits

Facilitate development of community natural resources vision and conservation plan, build local capacity on national forest and wildlife policies / laws and empower traditional authorities for conservation of the Sacred Forest.

Michela Balestri

Ecological Niche Partitioning and Conservation Status of Fleurette’s Sportive Lemurs and Southern Woolly Lemurs in the Lowland Rainforest of Tsitongambarika

Assess the ecological niche partitioning and conservation status of the Critically Endangered Lepilemur fleuretae and the Endangered Avahi meridionalis in the Tsitongambarika rainforest.

Samantha Earle

Communities Count: Understanding Local Perspectives of Participatory Monitoring in Madagascar's New Protected Area System

The goal of this project is to understand the degree to which ecological monitoring involving local people in developing countries can meet dual conservation and development goals.

Eduardo Chacón

Intra-Specific Variation in Functional Traits between Narrow Endemic and Widespread Tropical Trees

Aims: Understand the ecological and evolutionary mechanisms that explain why some species have a restricted distribution.