Dominic Alekeh Ngwesse

Support to the Sustainable Community Management of the Banyang-Mbo Wildlife Sanctuary in Cameroon, West Africa

To Intensify Environmental Conservation Education campaign programme adapted to the Sanctuary area and To build capacities of 7 Clan forest councils to enforce biodiversity conservation culture

Praseed Thapa

Matribhumi-Improved Cooking Stove Promotion for Habitat Protection of Endangered Species in Madikalyanpur Buffer Zone Community of Chitwan National Park

The main aim of this project is to promote matribhumi-improved cooking stoves (M-ICSs) for reduction of firewood consumption and human pressure on park for firewood collection through awareness program in school and community and installation of M-ICSs in vulnerable houses, thereby protecting habitat.

Raymond Katebaka

Strengthening Collaborative Forest Management in Central Uganda

The project aims to fostering restoration, initiation, supplement interventions with opportunities for communities living around Central Forest Reserves (CFR) geared to conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity habitat in Uganda.

Gilbert Njodzeka

Conservation of Bui Montane Forest Remnants and Empowering Women through Bee Farming and Mushroom Cultivation

Green Care Association promotes proper environmental management through education, tree nursing, tree planting in community forests and water sheds, alongside training in sustainable agricultural practices. This project will focus on the reforestation of four remote forest areas while training people in the surrounding villages in mushroom cultivation and bee farming.

Elihuruma Wilson Kimaro

Chimpanzee, Man and Forest Integration for Enhancement of Greater Gombe Ecosystem

This project is aimed to promote the restoration of Chimpanzee corridor and park buffer zone of the areas bordering the park mostly to the north and north eastern of the park boundary through tree planting campaign and conservation education to schools and communities.

José Tomás Ibarra

Ecology and Conservation of the Cavity-Nesting Community in Temperate Forests of South America

In our project we are studying the ecology the cavity-nesting community and engaging local institutions and people in reducing the removal of habitat legacies (large decaying trees, snags and understorey) in Andean temperate forests, Chile.

Basem ElMasry

Solar Power for Tree Nursery supporting Community Public Parks and Local Farmers

Creating a Public green space and park development for peace promotion; Development of innovative tree nurseries utilizing latest research and international best practices; utilizing solar energy

Michael Roy

Persistence in Spite of Chytrid: A Re-survey of Atelopus limosus in Panama

This project will assess niche requirements and natural history of the highly endangered Atelopus limosus to provide clues as to how this population survives in the face of the lethal Bd fungus.

Lawir Felix Yuven

Supporting Reforestation and Agroforestry Practices in the Kumbo Watershed, a Pathway for Livelihood Improvement and Biodiversity Sustainability

The project shall be implemented in three different villages; Kaiy, Yeh and Kitiwum all located in the outskirts of Kumbo in Bui Division, Northwest Region of Cameroon. The main project site where the agroforestry seed bank shall be established is in Kaiy village.

Marco Braasch

Natural regeneration of Pinus oocarpa Under Controlled Silvopastural Grazing in Absence of Fire: A Strategy to Conserve Forests in the Sierra Madre of Chiapas

Understand the interactive effects of fire suppression and livestock grazing on highly competitive exotic grasses and the natural establishment of pine seedlings, in the Biosphere Reserve “La Sepultura” Chiapas, Mexico.