Alejandro Venegas González

What Can Reveal the Tree Rings of Nothofagus Macrocarpa about the Conservation State of the Mediterranean Deciduous Forest of Central Chile?

This study will provide a vision about the conservation state of the Mediterranean deciduous forest of central Chile through of the N. Macrocarpa remaining populations.

Flavia Mazzini

Domestic Cattle as Drivers of Andean Subtropical Rainforest (Yungas) Dynamics

This study will quantify cattle impacts on the structure, composition and dynamics of tree species in the Argentinean Yungas.

Thi Hoa Hong Dao

The Status of Red-Listed Tree Species and Recommended Conservation Measures in Ta Xua Nature Reserve in North-Western Vietnam

The aims of the project are: (1) to investigate the status of red-listed tree species in the study site, (2) to determine key ecological and human disturbance factors which affect on the appearance and distribution of red-listed tree species, and (3) to recommend the conservation measures for them.

Ache Neh Acha

Ethnomycology and Conservation Status of Macro-Fungi in the Kilum-Ijim Forest Reserve, Cameroon

This project aims at carrying out ethnomycological studies, assessing the threats and conservation status of macro-fungi in Kilum-Ijim forest reserve, and raising awareness on their conservation.

Fifanou Vodouhe

Promoting Value Chains for Non-Timber Forest Products to Support Biodiversity Conservation in Benin (West Africa)

This project aims at contributing to the sustainable use of NTFP in Benin through a good organization of their marketing. The research will use value chain analysis to provide details needed.

Dayani Chakravarthy

Understanding the Spread of a Potentially Invasive Cultivated Plant Coffea Canephora into Forests of the Western Ghats

he project aims to a) Understand the dispersal of C. canephora seeds into forests b) Compare seed arrival of C. canephora with other native flora and c) Examine the effect of C. canephora on regeneration of native species.

Tatenda Dalu

Ecological Assessment of the Recently Discovered Potamonautes mutareensis Sp. Nov. in The Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe with Implications to Conservation

To determine current distribution of potamonautes mutareensis sp. Nov. And other freshwater crabs and investigate the potential threats. To instigate conservation efforts through awareness creation and solicit community involvement.

Tiwonge Gawa

Status, Distribution and Conservation of the Baobab Tree in Liwonde National Park: Implications for Brown and Grey Headed Parrots

Understand the impact that Elephants are having on Baobab trees in Liwonde National Park and how this will impact two parrot species that nest in Baobab tree cavities.

Iding Achmad Haidir

Assessing Sumatran Wild Cats Population And Conservation Status Using A Science-driven Approach to Conserve Sumatra’s Small Cats

The project aims to study felids guild in West-central Sumatra and their population trend over a decade (2004-14) as well as to provide protected area management a robust, science-based conservation intervention.

Sena Adi Subrata

Civet Coffee Saves Biodiversity: Obtaining Civet’s Population Data toward Sustainable Coffee Production in Petungkriono Forest, Indonesia

Provide population data of Palm Civet along with quantity of Civet coffee that can be harvested. And encourage people to manage their forest better for improving their livelihood.