Upma Manral

An Assessment of Phyto-Resource Availability and Community-Based Conservation of Natural Resources in Western Himalaya

The study aims at conservation of natural resources and economic empowerment of rural communities of mountains in general and Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary in particular.

Vagner Aparecido Cavarzere Junior

How Censuses in a Highly Fragmented and Undersampled Region Might Corroborate Mass Extinctions of Endemic Bird Species in Half the State of São Paulo, Brazil

To understand whether the absence of Atlantic Forest endemic bird species in inner São Paulo state, Brazil, results from surveying bias or mass extinction

Jose Arias-Bustamante

Contested Lands and Climate Change: The Case of Mapuche Communities and Transnational Forest Companies in Chile

This project aims to identify locally based climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, in lands being contested by Mapuche communities, and thus going beyond the multilateral efforts lead by the developed countries.

Habte Telila Mijena

Is a Small Eucalyptus Plantation in Farmscape Potential Sites for Herb Species? An Assessment Based on Local, Landscape and Historical Factors

To investigate to what extent herb species colonize Eucalyptus plantations focusing on factors such as grazing and shade, age of plantations, connectivity to diaspore sources and dispersal traits

Paulina Stowhas

Biodiversity Monitoring Plan for restoration of the Biological Corridors in Manabí Province, Ecuador

Our project aims to characterize the habitat in the biological corridor, determine associations between habitat and the presence of wildlife in this area, identify priority sites to be reforested, and propose a long-term monitoring plan.

Gerardo Cerón Martínez

Effects of Fragmentation on Neotropical Palm Communities in Chiapas, Mexico

This project will examine if forest fragmentation generates shifts in diversity, species composition and spatial structure of palm communities in Chiapas, Mexico.

Dorothy Hamada

Agroforestry for Sustainability: Demonstration of Agro-forestry on Mountain Slopes in Baguio City and Benguet Province, Philippines

To encourage farmers to adopt agroforestry as an alternative to vegetable and/or flower monoculture on sloping mountain terrain.

Wisdom J. Nyondo

Mwakifwamba Community Forest Reserve

Establishment of a Community Forest Reserve of indigenous species and empower culprits (Men, Women and Youths) of deforestation with micro-entrepreneur knowledge and skills.

Hemant Tripathi

Mammals in Mopane Woodlands, How Will they Survive the Charcoal Boom?

Mopane woodland in southern Africa is extensively harvested for charcoal production. Our study is targeted towards understanding how mammal communities respond to the degradation of Mopane woodlands due to increasing charcoal landuse.

Mathilde Chanvin

Tangkoko Conservation Education: Conservation Education Programme for Local Communities in North Sulawesi, Indonesia

The purpose of Tangkoko Conservation Education is to help preserving the flora and fauna of Sulawesi through environmental and conservation awareness activities for local communities of the villages surrounding the Tangkoko nature reserve and other protected forests of North Sulawesi, Indonesia.