Iding Achmad Haidir

Assessing Sumatran Wild Cats Population And Conservation Status Using A Science-driven Approach to Conserve Sumatra’s Small Cats

The project aims to study felids guild in West-central Sumatra and their population trend over a decade (2004-14) as well as to provide protected area management a robust, science-based conservation intervention.

Sena Adi Subrata

Civet Coffee Saves Biodiversity: Obtaining Civet’s Population Data toward Sustainable Coffee Production in Petungkriono Forest, Indonesia

Provide population data of Palm Civet along with quantity of Civet coffee that can be harvested. And encourage people to manage their forest better for improving their livelihood.

Agustín Solari

Population Trends and Genetic Structure of Broad-Snouted Caimans, Caiman latirostris, in a Large Atlantic Forest Remnant

Analyze biological, ecological and genetic aspects of the Atlantic rainforest´s largest aquatic predator, for predetermining sensitivity to human and climate changes; and promote the viability of the species and its habitat.

Jiban Chandra Deb

Mapping Rare and Endangered Tree Species Distribution of a Protected Area in Bangladesh under Future Climate Scenario: Implications for Conservation Planning

Where and what type of rare and endangered tree species need to be conserved to meet specific conservation goals and to grow successfully under likely climate change impacts in the Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary (RKWS) of Bangladesh.

Dao Lamega Maba

Assessing the Conservation Status of Wild Useful Macrofungi and Elaboration of Ecosystem-Based Conservation Strategy

Contribution to the conservation of wild useful fungi and their habitats, and identification / classification of endangered species into different categories following IUCN criteria.

Addisu Mekonnen

Current Status of Montane Bamboo (Arundinaria alpina) in the Southern Ethiopian Highlands: Significance of Bamboo for Bale Monkeys and Human Livelihoods

The aims of this project are to assess the current status, distribution, and threats of montane bamboo and its importance for the local livelihood, Bale monkeys and climate change.

Yadav Uprety

Assessment of the Conservation Status of Endemic Plant Species in the Kangchenjunga Landscape, Nepal Himalaya

This project aims to make an assessment of spatial distribution, conservation status, and threats of endemic plants of the Kangchenjunga Landscape-Nepal.

Mbosso Patrick Armel

Assessment of High Conservation Values in the COPAL Community Forest for Sustainable Adaptive Management

Project aimed to identify and delineate areas of high ecological and socio-cultural values in view of enhancing local capacity for responsible management and sound policy development.

Faith Milkah Ngugi - Muniale

Promoting Participatory Forest Management to Conserve Mau Forest Complex

To develop a forest management plan that will enable the local community (community forest association) and government of Kenya through Kenya Forest Service (KFS) to enter formal agreement on how to share responsibilities, roles and benefits for conserving the forest reserve.

Bruce Levick

Seblat Conservation Camera Trap Project

The project will provide a better understanding about the biodiversity of the 8.000 hectare large conservation forest area in Seblat, north Bengkulu. Providing data in the form of the remaining populations of wildlife.