Yadav Uprety

Assessment of the Conservation Status of Endemic Plant Species in the Kangchenjunga Landscape, Nepal Himalaya

This project aims to make an assessment of spatial distribution, conservation status, and threats of endemic plants of the Kangchenjunga Landscape-Nepal.

Mbosso Patrick Armel

Assessment of High Conservation Values in the COPAL Community Forest for Sustainable Adaptive Management

Project aimed to identify and delineate areas of high ecological and socio-cultural values in view of enhancing local capacity for responsible management and sound policy development.

Faith Milkah Ngugi - Muniale

Promoting Participatory Forest Management to Conserve Mau Forest Complex

To develop a forest management plan that will enable the local community (community forest association) and government of Kenya through Kenya Forest Service (KFS) to enter formal agreement on how to share responsibilities, roles and benefits for conserving the forest reserve.

Bruce Levick

Seblat Conservation Camera Trap Project

The project will provide a better understanding about the biodiversity of the 8.000 hectare large conservation forest area in Seblat, north Bengkulu. Providing data in the form of the remaining populations of wildlife.

Edgar Pollard

The Establishment of the Harurarumu Forest Community Conservation Area

To achieve increased community knowledge and awareness in relation to the environment and to facilitate the training of local rangers that have greater in-depth knowledge and skills in relation to biodiversity and conservation.

Kateryna Konovalenko

Indirect Status Assessment of Siberian Grouse (Falcipennis falcipennis) in the Russian Far East

The project aims to study Siberian grouse habitat requirements in order to model current distribution of the species, estimate rates of habitat loss and provide a first guideline on species habitat protection for forest managers.

Alexander Varga

Diversity and Conservation of Ichneumon-Wasps Communities as Indicators of the Condition of the Natural Carpathian Forest Ecosystems, Ukraine

The project aims are: 1) to investigate Carpathian ichneumon-wasps fauna; 2) to increase public awareness concerning the importance of parasitic wasps for natural forest ecosystems; 3) to include some vulnerable ichneumon-wasp species under protection.

Marisol Hidalgo Cossio

Andean Forest Conservation and Small Mammals in Bolivia

The aim of our project is to increase awareness and conservation of the Andean forests of Bolivia and small mammals.

Dominic Malesa

Community Empowerment to Campaign against Mkuju River Uranium Project

This project aims to educate campaign and raise public awareness to local community leaders on the severe effects of mining uranium to people of Namtumbo District and to wildlife and forests of Selous Game Reserve which is a home to the world’s largest elephant population. This project campaigns that the project is abandoned or revised.

Mauricio Nunez-Regueiro

Are Payments for Ecosystem Services Protecting the Most Threatened Forest from Agricultural Expansion? Understanding Adverse Self-Selection in the Chaco

This project aims to asses if the national-level payments for ecosystem services program in Argentina is able to conserve the endangered Chaco forest.